DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion: Putting it all Together

Hi Everyone,

Upgrading DNA, it’s what we are now hearing about more in more.  Why?  We are preparing for a massive frequency jump due to getting every closer (almost at the door now) to entering the core of the Photon Band.  Yep, the one I and many other teachers have been telling you about for years.  So doesn’t it make sense that we need to up our frequency as quickly as possible so that the entry is gentle rather that well–the opposite?

Thanks to the hyper increases in Earth’s heartbeat/frequency, whether manmade or natural, we are being given tremendous support to do this.

The decision is whether you want to do it and what method you wish to use.  As we have learned, there is the regular way, basic emotional clearing and then there is the method which involves activating the thymus.  One has more impact on DNA than the other.

I’ve spoken about the multidimensional way for years, and am now sharing it with you in the DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion workshop.  This workshop is by phone and you can join in at any point during the series (there are 5 sessions).

Today we are talking about how the Keys of Compassion are used in the DNA Recoding process, I call it “putting it all together”.  You will see how beautifully the Keys work to activate the thymus under various circumstances.

There is still a couple of hours left to sign up for this class.  Here’s the link: DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion Workshop

Note: There is a drop down list from which you will choose.  This is Session 4.

Talk to you in a few,