Dealing with the Emotional Dregs of our Mass Consciousness

Good morning,

Been thinking about the topic for tonight’s call and waiting for a sign.  Well—it was right in front of me; I just couldn’t see it.  How many times has that happened?  *laughing and shaking my head in wonder*

So what do I mean by phrase, dealing with the emotional dregs? What I mean having intense anxiety and fear triggered by the same in the mass consciousness.  In other words we are being triggered by stuff being mirrored in the mass consciousness.  Hope that is a bit clearer.

This fear is triggering very deep (the dregs) pain that still remains, some of the oldest stuff that we’ve been working our way down to in our emotional clearing efforts.  (Just when you think you’ve gotten it all.) :-\

These dregs are pretty potent, triggering us (and our respective inner child) to the point that we feel like our life is going to end, or at least our way of life.  It’s extreme fear rising to the forefront like a thick black cloud, filling our hearts and minds with extreme hopelessness and helplessness. As we  work to clear it, using the many tools we have learned, we find only moments of respite after perhaps hours of effort.  That’s the best way I can describe it.

Today, after almost a week, I awoke to find the anxiety gone. The dark, threatening cloud had finally lifted.  In its place is the familiar hopefulness that keeps me going, and I can hear my inner child again singing with joy.

There is a higher perspective here…a silver lining if you will.  We’ll talk about it tonight.

Until then, keep on shining!


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Photo of Chemtrail referenced in the call.

Massive Chemtrail


One thought on “Dealing with the Emotional Dregs of our Mass Consciousness

  • October 17, 2018 at 1:31 am

    I am so happy about this Call. Explaining all the anger and extreme hopelessness that I have surfaced this week.. Chemtrails here in Denmark as well more than ever. Have also my eyes on all the geo-manipulation. Thank you so much. All love JME

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