Creating Financial Security During Stormy Economic Times

Hosted my family for the July 4th weekend. As usual, the most discussed topics among my brothers were money and politics. As small business owners (I’m from a family of entrepreneurs) they are very concerned about how they can safeguard their finances. Even though their perspectives and solutions differed, one thing my brothers all agreed on was that we are definitely facing very stormy economic times.

What worried them most was that there is no way to know which way our economy, and our country, will go. Will we see hyperinflation or deep devaluation? Neither will be good.

If it’s hyperinflation, housing prices will rebound and if you have a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll be in good shape because you’ll be paying on it with inflated dollars. This would be a blessing to those who owe more than their house is currently worth thanks to this recession (depression?). On the other hand, if we find ourselves in deep deflation, home prices will drop dramatically. You’ll be able to buy a house currently valued at $300,000 for around $75,000 to $100,000. If that occurs, we will see a massive number of homeowners simply walking away from their mortgages and that just may bring about the total collapse of our economy. will further destabilize our economy. Why? Housing is an major factor in a country’s economy, not to mention a primary indicator of economic health.

Hyperinflation will fix the housing crises but will severely impact the price of goods. A loaf of bread may rise to $15 and gas may increase to $12 a gallon or more. Deflation will bring the price of goods down which will help those on a fixed budget, but the housing market will be hit very hard and may not recover.

Either way it appears we are in for rough times, at least for a while. How can we ensure that we will be financially okay regardless of which way things go? The answer is to clear out any blocks we have around money. Why? We manifest what we focus on and what we focus on is determined by our beliefs. There are several money beliefs that create a lack of abundance and prevent us from being financially stable and secure. Because I have written about this subject numerous times, and have a playlist of videos on it, I won’t detail that list here. Instead, I will provide links.

Money Playlist

The volatile state of a country’s economy has a value in that it brings our hidden money fears of its people to the surface so that they can recognize them. Once they know what they fear, aided with higher dimensional tools they can clear them.

Additionally, emotional clearing enables us to hear our guides and interpret the messages more accurately. Now for those of you who say, “I can’t hear my guides”, I’m telling you that though you may not realize you are hearing them, you do. You have the equipment pre-installed in your body to hear, you just have not been taught that you hear. Here’s a clue — your intuition. Intuition is your guides speaking to you.

Back to the topic, as we clear out old stuck energy, we hear more clearly. This is key to being able to move quickly when we recieve guidance on economic issues. If only my brothers knew this they would not fret so much over what to do, they would be guided in the moment to make the right move; all they would need to do is listen to their intuition.

I didn’t share the emotional clearing solution with my brothers because it is outside of their current belief systems..and they didn’t ask. Still, it breaks my heart to see them so worried. I just wanted to shout, “There is a solution — listen! It isn’t about figuring out what to buy.” One brother is stockpiling liquor as a commodity to sell. People will always want liquor to medicate their pain while another is buying up precious metals. “No amount of gold, silver, stockpiling food, liquor or anything else can provide you financial security if you still have money fears. Security comes from being free of fear, knowing that no matter what occurs, you will be okay.”

Keeping our higher dimensional solutions to ourselves until asked is the part of ascension that hurts the most. I so want to protect my family from harm but I know that I cannot. Instead, I must comfort myself in knowing that there are those who are ready to hear and they are the ones for whom I continue this work.

One of the major issues as we complete these last 18 months until the end of 2012 will continue to be economic safety. Through sessions and retreats, along with weekly messages, I will continue to provide hope along with effective clearing and solutions. Together we will clear our money fears, and ensure our financial safety.


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