Countdown to the Timeline Shift: Clearing Our Emotional Junk

It’s November 26th–just 26 days till the end of a grand galactic cycle/Shift of the Ages/timeline shift. Where is our focus? Are we clearing our emotional junk? These are the questions that cross my mind almost every day (that urgent message from the Nibiruans to focus on clearing has stayed with me). So here I am writing about it–again.

From the many emails I’ve received, it appears that these messages are being heard. Guess I’m not the only one who recognizes that this timeline shift is real. Yet, numerous emails are from people who are concerned about clearing. Two of the frequent questions are:

  1. How do I begin clearing?
  2. What if I have nothing to clear?

Allow me answer both.

How do I begin clearing?

This answer is the same as I’ve been giving for almost 20 years. First, ask your guides for help. Ask them to show you what is most important to clear during this limited timeline. They will answer! I asked this question and had it answered less than 24 hours later. Two issues were brought to my attention with two hours of each other. One was something I was aware of. Opportunities that I thought would not occur manifested for me to speak with both individuals. One issue has been cleared to the point that I am much more at peace with it. The other is still in process.

The second thing you can do is a liver cleanse. When a person cleanses the liver, they physically release the anger that is held there. Once physically cleared, the emotional field dumps the equivalent. The goal is to override the normal stuffing and coping mechanisms of the Inner Child so that you can get to any repressed anger.

The Nibiruans brought me to the items for a liver cleanse as part of my initial training and in preparation for DNA Recoding. I have put together the DNA Recoding Package.

What if I have nothing to clear?

As I understand it, no one has come to this time without enough emotional bagggage left to be able to ascend. That’s because we have all lived many lives and have carried a bag full of pain, anger and other emotions forward. Remember that we are souls learning how to integrate the Light and Dark in all its aspects. We learn and grow by creating life blueprints filled with challenging events. Working through them requires creating events and then transforming the pain into compassion. Compassion is what we experience when we take responsibility for co creating the events and situations that caused us to feel the pain. We take responsibility by using being able to see those events from the perspective of a creator god/goddess who created them for growth opportunities. We don’t create growth opportunities by being perfect.

So with all that said, even if you don’t recall any anger, you aren’t without it. You still have plenty and just have to access it. Ask your guides to give you access and do a liver cleanse if necessary. Working with the Inner Child to make him/her feel okay with releasing the anger may also be needed. (See The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion for info.)

More Peace or more Baggage?

I’ll discuss what 12/21 will look like in next week’s message but let me say this for now. December 22nd will dawn like any other but what we experience in the following 90 days will be determined by what we still held within us on December 21st. If we have more unresolved conflict (baggage) than we have peace, we will manifest it rather quickly. If we have more peace, we will manifest that. The power to create is in our hands. The world we create if the first 90 days will be in our hands.

In closing, what are you focusing on? If Christmas and buying gifts more important? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas; I’m just not allowing it to become a distraction. Got my shopping done in one day online. Yep, it’s a sacrifice to not get into all the holiday fun, but we don’t cross a galactic equator or end million years cycles every day. For me, I’ll do a big Christmas next year.