Correctly Interpreting the Sign to Move

One of the most common questions I receive in counseling sessions is about moving. In other words, is it time to relocate to another city, state or country. The question doesn’t arise unless the question has become a point of confusion due to there being no perceivable way to make the move.

Case in point was a recent session with Carl–totally delightful–a life coach living in Hawaii. Carl (not his real name) had been feeling the urge to leave the islands for almost a year. Carl, a normally decisive person who is very in tune with his inner guidance, had become totally confused because he neither had any idea where to go nor the funds to do it. It didn’t make sense to have the urge to move without any idea where to go or the means to get there. I totally agreed.

Tuning inward, I called in his guides. The answer I received was very clear: the urge, a sign from his guides, was being misinterpreted. I’ll explain.

As with many things regarding communicating with our guides, there are levels of interpretation. It isn’t until we have done enough conversing over a period of time and involving a variety of situations, that we learn what level a sign is coming from. The two most important are the physical and the spiritual.

When a sign is meant to be interpreted in a physical sense, it means that a shift or change is to occur in our outer world i.e., physical/3D world. When a sign is meant to be interpreted spiritually, it means a shift in our inner world. The inner world includes our beliefs, behaviors and how those impact our relationship with our Inner Child.

Back to Carl.

As I explained to Carl, the urge to move was not a sign to make a physical move, it was a sign to make an internal move. In this case, a move back into a relationship with his Inner Child; a relationship he had abandoned years before after having done his inner child work.

Going further, I explained how to tell when a “move” sign is physical or spiritual. If the people, money and opportunity all come to you without you having to do anything, it is a physical sign. If those things are missing, the sign is a spiritual one. Look inward and ask your guides where you are to focus.