Compassion: The Key to Preventing War

Writer’s note: I had to rewrite it 3 times before my guides were satisfied.

Seems our collective efforts to avoid war has worked: the US has agreed to stand down. Negotiations are ongoing and reports are positive. Though I believe that this whole chemical weapons issue is a cover for something else, it doesn’t matter. What does matter (from the higher perspective) is that we are using our inner worlds to bring about change in Earth’s timeline. Making those changes is what you and I came to Earth to do so congrats to all!

Now that we’ve made progress in shifting the timeline, has our work so far ensure that we won’t see another world war? When I tuned in to my guides the answer I got was, not yet. *Sigh*

I was told that there are events yet to occur that needed to be cleared. When I asked what they were, I was not given that information. (My sense is that it is a combination of things that could manifest in a number of ways so trying to pinpoint one was pointless since we all determine what will occur by our actions.) But, there was one thing I was given: the coming Global Financial Reset (GCR) is the key event. What is at stake is now it manifests and whether its impact is short-term or long.

Though the GCR cannot be stopped by those of the “Powers that Be” (PTB) that do not have humanity’s best interest at heart, they are doing their all to ensure it is a short-term fix. In other words, they are not going down without a fight. In fact, I am told they intend to come back by making the global reset creates only a short-term fix. How they intend to do this, (there are several ways), is already becoming evident.

So what do you and I need to do to ensure that these coming events are quickly and positively resolved? What can we do to ensure that the global reset evolves into a long-term solution and the PTB are prevented from seeing their plans take effect? There are several things we can do. We can continue to pray for peace, but we can go further; we can amp up our efforts in the one place where we are the most powerful: the inner planes.

Change From the Inside Out

When I speak of the Inner Planes, I speak of two things. 1) Our personal emotional fields, and 2) the Mass Consciousness Grid (Grid). Our personal emotional fields and the Grid have a symbiotic relationship. I’ll explain.

The world is made up of people and all those people have thoughts and feelings that they, consciously or unconsciously, emote every second of every day. All that energy goes somewhere; that somewhere is the Grid. It moves from us to the Grid via the neural net located in the heart (see Gregg Braden’s work for more info).

We are each linked up to the Grid through the neural nets in our brain and heart. If I understand it correctly, we download and upload through both.

As you can imagine, there is a continuous mix of energies in the Grid. Those who are sensitive will feel them. In my experience, we feel the heavier energies the easiest. I believe that is why so many are feeling intense anxiety right now. Moving on …

Anxiety and fear are two emotions that the PTB want us to feel. Let’s not fool ourselves; they are well aware of the power of the Grid and they are MASTERS at manipulating it for their own gain. How do you think that a relative handful of people can control billions? But the only way this can continue is we remain blind to how to harness this power for ourselves.

Harnessing the Power of the Grid

Harnessing the power of the Grid simply requires that we understand its nature and work with it. (Again, check out Gregg Braden’s work). We create by attracting raw energy from the morphogenetic field (Field). Once enough energy is collected, we see the manifested result as an event in our respective lives. We respond to that event and that response, the thoughts and feelings of it, is uploaded into the Grid. The PTB know that if they continually trigger us with fearful, shocking events, they will be able to keep a continuous supply of heavy, dark energy uploading to the grid. They will then use these energies to control us. One way is to keep our frequency low so that we cannot connect to our guidance; too much static on the channel, so to speak. But–we can turn that to our advantage and here’s how.

Ask your guides to help you use these triggers as a way to clear old stuck emotional baggage. We, as humans, are adept at developing coping mechanisms that enable us to live with unresolved pain. Consequently, it is sometimes very difficult to bring these old issues up regardless of how much we want to do so. When we call on our guides, they will bring forth opportunities (events) to trigger the same kind of energies that are stuck.

Combined with a liver cleanse (to gain access) that old issue will surface. One surfaced (and in your face) using tools based on higher beliefs will enable you to work through and clear it.

Side note: If those tools activate the thymus, allowing you to transmute those energies into compassion, you’ll also be changing your DNA.

DNA Recoding Overview

(This transformation takes place when you reclaim your lost power from that old issue by taking full responsibility for it. See the Keys of Compassion.)

You may recall from last week’s message, the higher understanding of how the Dark ultimately serves the Light. That is definitely so when it comes to these heavier energies. Used in combination with help from your guides, you can use those energies to help trigger and identify stuck issues.

Now back to harnessing the power of the Grid. It is through intentional and conscious emotional clearing that we harness the power of the Grid. Furthermore, as we clear our respective emotional fields, it gets removed from the Grid. But that’s not even the best part. What is put in its place is compassion!

In closing, now that we have altered the timeline to prevent the war with Syria, we cannot rest on our laurels; the dark PTB surely aren’t. They are stepping up their game so we must as well. Amping up our emotional clearing is the most effective way we can counter any move on their part, and we have numbers on our side. We are many, they are few. The more we clear the negative energies from the grid, replacing them with compassion, the more that will be the emotion that is downloaded around the world. The dark PTB cannot bring their plans to fruition if they don’t have us to fight their wars. Peace can sustained through compassion because compassion is a neutralizing frequency that eliminates the possibility of war.