Compassion Support Call: Exiting the Matrix

Greetings All,

Much has occurred since I last wrote.  We are in the last weeks of this time the Nibiruans call the Summer of Blood.  Even though blood has been spilt, it has not been to the degree that the Cabal had wanted; they haven’t been able to create their long-desired American civil war.  We are doing good!

Now we come to the final weeks of this transition period.  We now realize that this is the time when we could literally be exiting the Matrix, that invisible prison that we’ve been in compliments of the Cabal.

Due to all that has transpired, combined with all the background info that needs to be relayed to explain it, I felt it best to share it in a conference call.  I’ll be joined by a few guests, Bob Wright and if they are available, Judy Jandara and BZ Riger.

I won’t spill all the beans here, but here are just a few of the topics we hope to cover.

  • Where we are in the GCR (Global Financial Reset)
  • The Treasury Direct Accounts – one of the important exit points of the Matrix
  • Where we are in the overall Earth Grand Experiment and what we can do now to successfully end it.
  • Another wave of awakening?

Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Talk with you Tuesday night!


Call Replay Link