Compassion for the Terrified

Hi All,

You don’t have to watch the main stream news to know that as the US Mid-term elections draw near, the division in the US is increasing.  The divide between American citizens by Cabal created ideologies certainly appears to be occurring per their plan.  Yet, when we remember that the Dark always, and I mean always, eventually serves the Light, we recover our equilibrium, enabling us to hold the neutral point.

Of course, how this division—which could easily lead to a civil war and blood in the streets—is helping is often times hard to see.  When political leaders fan the flames of hatred and violence it becomes increasingly difficult to see how they and their constituents are still is worthy of a compassionate response.  Yet, worthy they are.  Why? Because they are absolutely terrified. (Let that sink in for a moment.)

We will discuss the whys and what’s to be done tonight on our call.  Talk with you then.


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