Coming Bank Holiday: What You Need to Know

Wanted to start this week’s message by thanking all of you who wrote in with your feedback on the new design (and photo). Since the response was so positive, I’ve decided to keep it. 🙂 Yes it feels like I’ve finally turned the corner in what seemed like a never ending grief process. Though the pain is still there, I feel as though a fresh breeze has blown in to clear away the dark and sadness, allowing me to finally be able to pick up the pieces and get on with living. This new design reflects that change. Again, thank you.

On to the message. Like many of you, I’m following the events in the Middle East while tuning in to the guys upstairs for their higher input. What I’m seeing, and sensing, is that we are witnessing a fight to the death of an old “Power’s that Be” (PTB) regime that continues to leave no stone unturned in their struggle to retain control. Iran and Iraq seem to be the focal points. Before I go further, when I Speak of the US, I’m referring to the US contingent of the Powers that Be (US PTB).

Now, what I’m about to share is my opinion only and I hope you will do your own due diligence to see if it has merit.

Iran, with the backing of Russia and China, has created a few enemies here in the US because they dared to stand up to the US and say they would begin selling their oil for currencies other than the US dollar. When this occurs, the value of the dollar drops and oil/gas prices rise here in the US. But that is not the only place we feel it, any time the dollar is devalued on the world market, we see it in the US in the form of rising prices.

If you look back at US/Middle Eastern political history, it is clear that any mid eastern country that tried to sell oil for anything but US dollars was invaded by the US.

But, Iran is not backing down and with the help of her allies, she is standing firm against the US–while calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Iran does not want war.

Consequently the US PTB are desperate to create an event that would get a war-weary American population to agree to a war with Iran. It has long been known that Israel has been used to do much of the dirty work for the US PTB. (Again, do your research.) It is my understanding, and I’ve included a link below to a video that I feel satisfactorily explains it, that the US PTB, using their Israeli allies, will attempt to crash US banks requiring a bank holiday to fix the damage. This hack job will be blamed on Iran.

A Virtual 9/11

That brings us to now…and the next big attempt–a bank holiday. A bank holiday is when the banks close for internal modifications, i.e. restructuring. When these holidays occur, we lose access to bank accounts and credit cards and must rely on cash until the banks reopen. All other services such as power, gas and water remain operational. Stores remain open but can only take cash. It’s livable but in our progressively electronic world, it’s a great inconvenience.

US Bank Holiday: Two Scenarios

Which side causes the bank holiday is the big question. We have two opposing players, the US PTB and the White Dragons. I’ve already explained who the US PTB are and I’ve explained who they White Dragons are but not in this message. For those unfamiliar, the White Dragons are the contingent within the PTB, especially those from China, who along with a large portion of the US Navy and Military, are working to free America and the world. They intend to use the Iraqi RV to fund a new economic system that will free us from financial slavery. This particular system will be the economic foundation for the new reality/world that you and I have been working towards.

Now back to the bank holiday and the two scenarios.

If the White Dragons succeed, the banks will close for a short period of time so the impact will be minimal. This will be accompanied by the Iraqi RV and a mysteriously swift end to the global economic crisis. Nations will have their debt erased and return to a stable economic status. In the US, we will see our dollar change. We will begin using the US Treasury Notes (back by gold) instead of the Federal Reserve notes we’ve been using. The media will be instructed to explain what is going on so that people remain calm. Martial law will not be called. Banks will reopen, debts will be forgiven and we will start anew.

If the US PTB succeed the bank holiday will be long lasting several weeks if not months. The media will report it as an attack by Iran and the airways will ring with the voices of political leaders screaming for a war. Terrified citizens will make run on the banks giving cause for martial law. Resisters will be rounded up. Food shortages will eventually ensue causing FEMA camps to open, and we all know what their real purpose is. It will be utter chaos.

Regardless of which side succeeds, what we need to know is that a bank holiday is imminent. How we handle it can determine not only how it plays out, but whether we will be dragged into another horrific world war.

There are several things we can to do:

  1. Help prevent a war. Recognize that Iran is not enemy and help spread the word that they are being set up and why.
  2. Tell others about the bank holiday. The more people who know about it and prepare, the less fear and panic there will be when it happens.
  3. Prepare for the bank holiday. Pull enough cash out of the bank for a month and have supplies on hand for that amount of time. If you can, include enough provisions for extended family members and friends.
  4. Pay bills up to the end of the month and pay anything else with money orders or cash if local. Utilities will still work so we will have electricity and water. Everything in the fridge will be fine.
  5. Get to know your neighbors and work together when the holiday occurs so that everyone is taken care of. Have gasoline on hand so that you can get around. I have two 5-gallon cans filled and ready.

We can sit around and believe that we have no power to change what is going on but as you can see, we have plenty of power. Now is our time to use it to bring about the results we want; a new and free world.