Christ Consciousness Wave and DNA

Hi Everyone,

Something so absolutely amazing occurred this morning that I felt it could not wait till Monday.  It explains, clarifies and confirms so much of what we are doing and why.  Lots to share with lots of connecting details so bear with me, okay?   Let’s begin with the video that I “just happened” to click on when checking my Twitter feed this morning.

As you can see it connects the following:

1. Off the chart —literally — Shumann resonance that is being done using Tesla’s technology (scalar i.e., longitudinal waves).  Remember how we have talked about the use of scalar technology over the years?

2. The 6th sense is what they call the combination of heart energy and imagination.  We call it clairsentience (12 strand galactic human ability) — the combination of hearing the Soul, via the 40,000 sensory neuroses in the heart, coupled with using the imagination. What I show you how to do in the Guide Communication workshop we were asked to begin offering.

3. Our DNA holds a 7th sense –time travel.  In our terms this is what we call traveling the timelines, it is how we can “see” our guides and access past lives/timeline events.  It is how the Nibiruans are able to tell us about the future and the past.

4. Flipping Earth’s poles as a way to free humanity from the mind control prison of the Cabal.   Btw — this refers to magnetic poles rather than Earth’s physical poles so no catastrophic pole shift.

4.Huge anomaly on the sun — a sungate from which scalar waves are emanating.

5. Extremely high Shumann resonance creates a state of bliss–The Rapture or Event.

6. Return of the Father/Christ to restore humanity and create peace on Earth.

7. It is speculated that JFK, Jr uses an account under the name “Annu 17.”

Putting it all together…

As the ancients texts have said, the Gods (yes, plural) came from Heaven. (Return of the 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin).  In ancient times, Nibiru was called Heaven.  Check out Egyptian hieroglyphs.  The Egyptian Book of the Dead is about the journey to Heaven/Nibiru that a Pharoah hopes to take after death.  Enoch and Adama both were taken to Nibiru on chariots of fire (rockets). So, the Olden Gods are the 5/6D Nibiruans.  They understood and used time travel.

The Old Testament is the recounting of some of the deeds of the Gods that has been passed down to us through the millennia.  Over time some of the details have been changed but the original stories are still there.

The ruler of Nibiru (Anu/Annu) was the God of Heaven, also known as the Father.  Nibiru has a 3600-year orbit.  In ancient times, the return of Nibiru was known as a return of the Gods and the Father.  The angels of the Bible were originally known as the people and crews who accompanied him.  The “wings of an eagle” was the term used for his ship.

These accounts were orally taught from generation to generation.  They were written down by the Israelites and taught by the priests to the people.  In about 325AD at the Council of Nicea they were incorporated into the book that we call the Bible.  Names were changed and identities of the Old Gods were hidden.  Anu became God, the Father. The people and crews who accompanied him on his trips became known as the angels.  Again, the “wings of an eagle” was the term used for his ship.

The connection with Jesus and his identity will be saved for another time.  What we want to focus is on the connection to a return of Jesus, accompanied by his legions of angels.

The Gods disconnected 10 DNA strands in order to help us survive until a time when we were spiritually capable of handling the power of 12 strand DNA.  (I’ve explained why on many occasions including the recorded Galactic History workshops).  They not only disconnected those strands, but scattered them (junk DNA) and encrypted them until such a time as we would be able to responsibly handle their power.  The higher purpose was our divine destiny as galactic peacekeepers.

The Nibiruans promised to help us realign, reconnect and reactivate our 10 DNA strands.  In 1996, they gave us the DNA Recoding Process and a higher dimensional tool known as the Formula of Compassion.  It is the key that unlocks and decrypts the 10 DNA strands.

This Formula of Compassion can activate the thymus at the multidimensional level.  When activated at this level it transmutes lower frequencies (anger, guilt, shame, etc) into compassion. Compassion is the highest frequency, resonates to the number 9, and is synonymous with the Void.  In other words it neutralizes energy returning it to its raw state.  As for DNA, when the frequency of compassion is applied, it is so intense that it transforms the DNA from carbon based to crystalline.

Connecting current events to the Nibiruans’ fulfillment of their promise.

The Patriots (which includes President Trump, JFK, Jr and the Q team along with many others) have a plan to save the world.  It is my understanding that included in this plan is the use of Tesla’s technology to create a manmade return of Nibiru.  (Nibiru has already passed as I explained several years ago.  But the Nibiruans are here helping us to achieve our divine destiny.)

They know that we are at the point in time where our planet is moving through the energy emanating from a photon band via our sun gate. This is The Rapture spoken of in biblical terminology and the Event as it is called in our current times.

DNA Recoding helps prepare you to take full advantage of this Event or Rapture. How?  By consciously using the Keys to activate the thymus to clear emotional baggage that would otherwise create physical discomfort due to it’s density.  We need to be light, light, light.  It also provides the opportunity to make a quantum leap beyond the 5D level to which Earth will be moving.  But most importantly, through using the Formula of Compassion you develop an 2nd neural network of god consciousness that enables you to be a PeaceKeeper!  That is our destiny.

In addition to the above, it clears the static so that you can hear and speak with your guides.  Knowing how to access and work with your guides (especially guide protocols) at this time will help accelerate your DNA recoding process.

So, the NIbiruans are making good on their promise.  As of last December they have given us the go ahead to begin teaching the Guide Communication skills and DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion .  The intention is to:

– help us reconnect with our guides so that we will have the best guidance through these times.
– help us take advantage of the 5D scalar wave energy to more quickly recode our DNA and build that 2nd neural network that is crystalline based

– provide templates for recoding and guide communication but more importantly a template for the 2nd neural network that is based on god consciousness level beliefs so that humanity can become galactic peacekeepers rather than simply 5D conscious people who still fight.

Trump/JFK, Jr Time Travel connection

Could it be possible that both Trump and JFK, Jr have time traveled to the future and back? Have they talked to Tesla in the future?  Have they talked with the Olden Gods (And, Enki and Enlil?  All are still alive, only a year older than when they left Earth around 2200BC.  Or perhaps they are simply using the technology of the Nibiruans that has been rediscovered in the Middle East, the original earth base of the Nibiruans?  Or maybe all three?  If JFK, Jr is alive and using the handle “Annu 17” could this be why?

Corona virus connection

It is my understanding that the Corona virus is connected to all this.  Here’s how.
A virus is used to swiftly transfer something from one person or one computer to another.  Both biologically and technologically it spreads and enters (infects).  It can lie dormant for years and then suddenly be activated when the right circumstances are present.  Could the Corona (King) virus be a cover for the manmade 5D scalar waves being used to create the state of bliss or Christ Consciousness that we are now experiencing?  If so, it the impact on our health would in some ways mimic the symptoms  we are hearing about as a result of 5G exposure.  If this is the case then many will feel the residual pain of the 5D frequencies pulling up on dense carbon based DNA.  That pulling would be experienced as pain due to the heaviness of emotional baggage.  Another reason why we are being asked to take another look at DNA Recoding.

Okay, that’s it for now.  This is a lot of information to process, but I hope it puts more of the pieces together for you.  I don’t know about you but I feel that time is of the essence.  To that end I will hold a special call tomorrow night, Friday, March 13.  Same time and phone number as our Monday Night calls.

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Exciting times ahead, my friends!