Choosing Your Dimension post 2012

Last week I wrote about how we are seeing the expression of all 4 dimensions playing out in current events. The purpose was two-fold, to give an example of how we are now living in a 4-dimensionally merged world while, describing how we can choose the highest level of that merge 9D). We choose the highest level by how we respond to events and circumstances. I used the example of the recent Boston Bombings to show how a 9D conscious person would respond.

In this week’s message I thought it might help to go a bit further; not so much in regards to the Boston situation but in how to consciously choose the level of reality that you want to experience.

Since most everyone on this list is pretty advanced, I won’t take up space explaining the difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 9D. For those requiring clarification, there are numerous articles on my website explain them. There is also a detailed chart in the Appendix of the book, The Mission Remembered.

We choose our reality or dimension by our beliefs. We think and act based on those beliefs. Each dimension of consciousness has its own set of beliefs. The higher the dimension the more integrated the beliefs. What I mean by integrated is that there is little polarity, i.e., good/bad, etc. You could say the higher you go the closer you get to “God consciousness.” (See the Keys of Compassion.)

God consciousness is the level at which all things are valued. There is no good or bad; everything, every event, every action has purpose and thus a value. This is why “God/Goddess can be unconditionally love. To love in this case, means appreciating, valuing and respecting all life and all things. Whew! Are you still with me? Okay.

Now you could say, “Well, that’s pretty easy then. All I have to do is begin thinking and acting like a god/goddess.” I’ll tell ya, it’s easy in theory but harder in practice. Here’s why. We are sooooo indoctrinated and conditioned in the 3D beliefs. Example, to begin thinking like a god/goddess, we must let go of the belief that we are victims and live each day with the understanding that we create or co create everything and I mean EVERYTHING in our reality. There’s no “I’m the creator/co creator of my reality sometimes and a victim sometimes.” That is the same as saying that we only have power sometimes. A creator god has power all the time. So it doesn’t work to believe you only have power some of the time.

What’s the point of ascension if you can’t reclaim and hold your power all the time? Here’s a test to see where you stand dimensionally. Ask yourself, “How did I co create the Boston Bombings or the Sandy Hook Shootings? A person with a 9D consciousness knows the answer both personally and for humanity in general.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’m going to challenge you to begin shifting your perspective on how you ultimately respond to the events in both the public area and in your personal life. Yes, go ahead and respond like a 3D person (shock and horror), that’s part of being human; just don’t stay there. Once you get those initial feelings out of your system, go on and step up dimensionally, own your part by finding the value. Once you see the value in the situation you will experience gratitude and compassion. In doing this you are consciously choosing your dimension, one situation at a time.

Now I know this may seem somewhat challenging to do; finding the mirror, what a situation is reflecting back to you about yourself and your inner world, is not always easy. Heck, if it was, we’d all be further along than we are. And though we were not left a manual on how to do this, we have been given the tools: they are written in the Keys of Compassion booklets.

As I stated last week, we are in an intense period of change. That means we are being hit with challenge after another. Used to be they’d come one at a time, but now it seems they come in clusters. We used to have a little time to breath after working through an issue, now it feels as though we are in a pressure cooker.

We had years to prepare for this time and now our guides are taking us through the finals. How we move through the issues, working our way from the initial 3D responses to the 9D state of compassion and peace will determine at what level we graduate. As I’ve explained many times, once we come through this period, we will emerge in a completely new timeline. It will be as if 4 Earths emerge. Now is our time to decide if we will be on the 3D or the 9D.