Changes in play–Nibiru, Elenin and YU55

Was talking to Jonathan, my partner in this work, yesterday. He told me that he felt really excited as if something wonderful was about to happen. I concurred. There does seem to be a mounting excitement about the future; everything is building towards this great crescendo. I guess we could liken it to the moments before birth, when the baby crowns — one last big push and a new life begins.

I’ve been monitoring the news looking at all the events transpiring to bring about this birthing. On the financial front it appears that with Greece’s declaration that they were not going to pay 50% of the debt owed (because it was illegally created by the banks), sent shock waves through the Global Elite’s banking system. This followed on the heels of Ireland doing the same thing. The Euro is in big trouble and many countries look to Iraq’s impending revaluation for the solution. It appears that we are about to see a reset of the global economy. It would include a return to gold backed currencies.

It appears we are also about to see a major shift politically. The Elite bloodline families that have ruled the world (Bush/Rockefeller in the US) are seeing countless members defect. Perhaps they realize their time is up?

This shift cannot occur without people finally standing up and risking all to see the change made. Here is the US the Bank of America changed its position on charging a $5 fee for customers to use their ATM cards. The backlash was so strong that other banks came out and publicly stated they would not do it either. So the people are taking back the power … and in the way that works — peacefully.

Nibiru, Elenin and YU55 and November 9, 2011

NASA is reporting a 1300 mile wide asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and will pass between us and the Moon. They are stating that it will not hit Earth. If that is the case, then why is FEMA ordering: 5 million coffins, 14million body bags, 140 million meals/per day?

Why is Congress taking their break between November 7th and 13th?

Why is FEMA ordering the first nationwide wide test of the Emergency Alert system (all TVs/radio stations will off the air for around 3 minutes … or longer, who knows?

An interesting video about YU55: Alignments with Comet Elenin & Asteroid YU55.

I believe that NASA knows that Earth may be hit due to possibly passing through Elenin’s tail causing the asteroid to veer into Earth. They are preparing for the worst but not telling the public. If YU55 hits, it is projected to do so in the US state of Alaska. That will be devastating for the US and the Pacific Northwest in particular.

The Nibiruans’ Perspective

When I asked for info I was informed that we will see pieces of the asteroid and experience impact from them, BUT, the impacts will be minor. I was told that it would be advisable to have provisions for a week without power. (I’ve been getting the message for the last week or so to buy a back up generator.)

Furthermore, I was informed that we will see more of these small pieces hitting the Earth. This will be caused by Nibiru’s field pushing space debris towards the sun as she moves through the Asteroid Belt in her transit around the Sun. Some of that debris will hit Earth.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to buy a backup generator and stock the necessary items for a week without power. And I’ll keep this stock maintained until Nibiru has rounded the sun and is on her way back out into deep space.

Am I scared? No. I feel confident that we are already past the worst just as the Nibiruans stated prior to Elenin’s transit. I believe in my heart that we are going to be okay. It will just be a bumpy ride till Nibiru completes her transit. The major changes will be politically and financially. Moreover, I fully believe that what we will experience is all part of what must take place before a new world reality can be birthed; weather and astronomical events are part of it — nuff said.