Challenges of Awakening: Avoiding Bi-polar Mislabeling for Young Starseeds

It’s interesting how the Nibiruans let me know when they’d like me to write about a specific subject. Their favorite way is through having several people contact me about that subject in a short period of time. I’ve said before that when I receive the same info 3 times in a row, and within a short time frame, that is a sign, a message. Just recently, over the course of just a couple of days, I received 3 signs. With each, the message was the same: please address the issue of mislabeling an awakening. What I mean is that young starseeds are being labeled bi-polar because their families do not understand what they are going through.

It is my understanding that the numbers of mislabeled starseeds has increased significantly and it is a somewhat new phenomenon due to the massive awakening process that is occurring on our world right now. What the Nibiruans want addressed are ways to avoid such an occurrence along with steps to take to resolve it should it have already occurred. Okay, so here goes. I’ll share what I was taught as the protocols for awakening. Though I write them with young starseeds in mind, they apply whether you are 16 or 60.

Code #1 – Your awakening is a private matter.

It is common to have only 1 person in a family awaken. The reason for this is that you are essentially stepping out of the box that is our 3D reality. It is disconcerting at best to discover that so much of what you have been taught is false. And it is also natural to want to share your new discoveries with those you love. But keep in mind that the reason that you are the only one awakening is because of the upheaval that awakening creates. Imagine in everyone in your family did so … it would be total chaos. The plan for awakening requires that you still have stability while you are tearing down and rebuilding your foundation. Your family has the soul contract to provide it but it requires that they remain unawakened in order to do so. So instead of being angry when they don’t agree … bless them and be grateful that they were willing to remain as they are in order to support you.

Of course, you will need to talk to others … there is already a plan for that. Reach out to others outside your family. The internet is a great place to find others of like mind. Join forums and build friendships with those who are learning the same material.

Code #2 – Honor your family’s right to their religion and all other beliefs that they may have.

I know you may not agree, but there is a reason that you were born into your particular family. One of the reasons is the religion that they embrace. One of the main higher principles that you will learn is that everything has a value—EVERYTHING! That includes your family’s chosen religion. I have learned in my last 20 years doing this work that starseeds who birth into a family religion do so because they need the foundation that that religion provides as it mimics the beliefs on your home world. Remember, that it possible to change a belief once you recognize what it is.

Another of the higher principles that you will learn: the dark ultimately serves the light. In many cases, it is the restrictive nature of that religion that spurs you to move beyond it in order to find enlightenment and thus, spiritual freedom. That was the reason that you choose to be exposed to it. Without a reason to change, you would not have awakened. I hope that makes sense. As for other beliefs, again, do try to convince your family. Remember, not everyone is here to awaken. Trying to change their beliefs will only cause unnecessary upset and conflict. Honor their right to think and believe as they choose, just as you want them to do for you.

Code #3 – Honor your parents’ rules while you still live in their home.

Your awakening does not give you license to disrespect your parents’ rules. While you are living at home, live by their guidelines. Remember, your guides are watching and observing how you treat others. The most important of these are your parents or primary caregivers. They are the ones who put food in your stomach, clothes on your back and keep a roof over your head. Your advancement thru mission training will depend a great deal on how you treat them.

By exemplifying the conduct mentioned above, as a young starseed you not only avoid conflict in your family, you shows your guides that you are ready to move forward in training.
If you have already reached the point where your family has mislabeled you, take heart, you can come back from it. The main thing is to remember that they were not supposed to awaken; therefore they will naturally reject your attempts to make them do so. Remember, awakening can be a scary process and it takes a person’s guides many years to prepare them, just as it took many years to prepare you. A mind has to be opened gently, not blown open … does that make sense?

Okay, so since you are the one that is awakening, it is you who needs to take the high road. That means that even though your intentions were honorable, they nonetheless created pain. Let go of your rage over being rejected and invalidated and forgive your family.

Here is something that you will discover down the road: after you have completed training, and begin your mission, part of your purpose is to take that new wisdom and use it to heal any issues with your family. By doing so you provide be best opportunity for your loved ones to awaken because they experienced firsthand the positive results of your process.

In closing, though a spiritual awakening can be quite exhilarating, it is also fraught with challenges as we seek to navigate life with a new set of beliefs while still honoring those of our earth family. Do reach out and ask for help … there are many wonderful teachers who can assist. There are untold numbers of websites and forums that can provide support. The key is to find others who can make us feel safe and help us ground in a new way of walking … between two worlds.