Calling all Wayshowers: Your Mission Has Begun!

The string of recent weather related catastrophes have left many feeling frightened and wondering when it will all end. The answer is, not for a while. In times like these it’s hard to find a silver lining yet there is one.

For starters, these events had triggered a mass awakening. Every day I receive emails from bewildered people who have been suddenly awakened. They want to know why these things are happening, will they ever stop and how to they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe. But that’s not all. I’m being inundated with other questions as well and I can’t possibly answer all these emails.

When tuning in to ask the Nibiruans about this, I was given the answer that I am not supposed to be handling it all … that there is a call to action for those who have the mission to be a way shower, a person who understands the bigger picture and can share that with others. In other words, they are a voice of calm and reason. What a relief!

Additionally, I am to go back on the road and do 1 day workshops to provide the training and information the way showers will need. Where i will go depends on who contacts me. So, this is the new assignment for this year. I had felt that it wouldn’t take form until March and now March is here! Glad that puzzle has been solved. Moreover, if my mission is now clear, yours is taking form too.

So it’s onward and upward — time to rock and roll, my wayshower friends! You are needed!