Building Your Multidimensional Ark

The idea for this article came one morning as I was sitting with my husband Jonathan discussing the ever-persistent challenges facing us these days.

Long gone are the days of single-hood, financial security, fine homes and luxury cars. Each morning upon waking we are faced with overdue bills, and bodies that hurt in places unimaginable due to the emotional clearing we are going through.

Yes, we could say that all our problems are due to bad decisions in choosing business partners for the former, and deciding to fulfill our soul contracts for the latter; yet, from a multidimensional perspective neither of those will fly.

From a 3D perspective, our lives have changed for the worse since beginning our spiritual work. We’ve gone from riches to rags and bodies that hurt almost every day. Yet the Council sees it just the opposite. We never cease to marvel at how they can think that way.

So here we sat asking ourselves what we were doing wrong to bring about such problems in our lives, problems that, no matter how we try and how multidimensional we stay, don’t seem to end. And to make us feel even worse, many of our friends “out there in the 3D world” don’t have these problems at all. They have good jobs, make plenty of money, and continue to live their lives as if nothing is going on.

They seem to be oblivious to the galactic and spiritual happenings taking place right under their noses. So we ask the Council, why not us? Why can’t we be financially abundant right now with good health like we used to have while doing our spiritual work? I told them, “You said that if we recode our DNA and achieve multidimensionality that we would have all that we desire. So I completed recoding. I achieved multidimensionality (not the big deal I thought it would be). So where’s the payoff? Are we blocking it in some way? Is it that we are still not loving ourselves enough? What is it?”

As I was asking the questions the answer was already forming in my head as a vision. It was a vision of Noah building the ark. As I listened with my inner ear, a voice (Devin) was telling me that Noah, too, had doubts, fears and great emotional, physical and financial challenges to face while building the ark. When all his friends were building homes, spending money and otherwise having a good time, Noah was building an ark (actually a submarine, but that’s a whole other story) for an event (the Flood) that he had no way of knowing would even occur.

It was then that I began to understand things from the Council’s perspective. They were telling me that I was building my multidimensional ark in preparation for the coming events.

Devin continued by saying that Noah also faced major relationship challenges with his family and friends. “Remember,” he said, “that Noah was from a long line of priest-kings and was a temple priest. Temple priests in those days made good money. Imagine what his co-workers thought of him quitting his job in the temple to build a boat. And imagine what it was like when he told his wife that he was going to give up his job and build an ark because the Lord had asked him to.” I thought, “She probably wondered if he had permanently lost his mind!”

Are you beginning to get the picture? Noah had just as difficult a time doing his spiritual work and preparing himself for the future as we do today.

Like us, it was hard for Noah to take it on faith that giving up all he had gained in his life to build a boat for a future event would really pay off. It took great courage and strength of conviction to keep going when everything in his life and mind was telling him to do just the opposite.

I believe that, in order to build the ark, Noah had to face a lot of his deepest fears. I believe that he had to wonder on a regular basis if he was insane. Weekly reality checks were probably as common for him as they are for me. How many times did he cry out to the Lord (Enki) asking, “Why me, Lord?”

I also believe that, based on what I have gone through knowing similar knowledge, his finances probably took a nose dive after giving up his temple job and that his body bore the brunt of a lot of emotional clearing just like ours do now. But when the rains came, just as the Lord (Enki) said that they would, I’d bet any amount of money that he was very glad that he had stuck with it, got that boat completed and got his family to safety.

So, if you are experiencing similar challenges in your life when your friends all around you are not, remember that, just like Noah, you are building your ark. But, in this case it is a multidimensional ark instead of a physical one, and the ark you are building is your multidimensional consciousness. It is that multidimensional ark or consciousness that will keep you safe and allow you to ride the waves of the coming of Nibiru and the events that will follow.

No, you won’t have to move to the outback of Montana and live underground. With your multi-dimensional ark or consciousness you will be safe wherever you are. That means that Y2K, the chip implant, deadly viruses, etc. will not harm you because your bodily frequency/consciousness will be above those 3D things.

This time it will not be a physical global flood of water. Instead it will be an emotional flood since we are now in a more advanced time, both spiritually and technologically. Are you ready?

If you are experiencing great emotional and physical challenges and/or great money shortages, just remember that those challenges are your chosen vehicles for clearing your emotional and physical bodies and integrating your fears, and that they will take you into multi-dimensionality. So relax! You are right where you are supposed to be and the money shortages will eventually end.

Remember, when you look around at your friends and envy their easy life, that you are being prepared for a greater purpose, a near future event that will change the world. And, also remember that, because you have prepared, you will be safe and, not only that, you will finally reap the abundance, joy and good health that you have worked hard for and so richly deserve.

Jelaila Starr