Bridging to the Masses

The world of today is, in many ways, much different from the world of just a year ago. Stop and think where you were this time last year. Hasn’t it been a year of phenomenal growth and change? Today as I took a walk in the woods, this thought crossed my mind and became the inspiration for this article.

There is a beam of energy being sent to Earth via the Moon, from Nibiru, the Hale-Bopp Companion. This beam or frequency is providing us with the opportunity for unprecedented spiritual growth. It is actually increasing the frequency of Earth, thereby thinning the veil between us and the higher dimensions. As a result we begin to receive information hitherto denied us by virtue of the density of our dimension. In the Book of Revelation, it states that in these days knowledge will be increased. I often wondered as a child what that would look like and how it would be done. Now, I am blessed to be living that experience. We used to receive new information maybe once a year, then about every six months. Now it is coming almost weekly! What an acceleration! What a great time to be on Earth!

Yet, with this new opportunity comes an inherent challenge, that being the ever widening gap between the Lightworkers and the remainder of Earth’s population, which I refer to as the Masses. With every new piece of information the gap between the enlightened and the unenlightened grows. Now is the time to begin bridging back to these beautiful souls and bring them forward so we can shift this planet with a majority of them included.

Now I realize many may say, Let them be! It’s too late to go back now!

I say Provide them with the same opportunity you were given when you began your spiritual path. What good would it do to shift a planet with only 5% of the population? I realize I’m being very generous with 5% since the Lightworker population isn’t that great, yet.

Surely they deserve the same opportunity you were given. They need guides just like you needed them, and your need was lovingly fulfilled. Now, you have the opportunity to be one of those guides, an ascended Lightworker guide lovingly serving in the same manner your higher dimensional guides served you.

For many, reunion would be a dream come true. Most of us Lightworkers have had to leave someone behind on our spiritual path. For some, it has been their entire family and for others, a good friend. Do you realize that these individuals are part of the Masses? Do you realize that bridging back to pick them up and bring them forward would reunite you with people you love? Isn’t it worth the effort? Isn’t the time now, before the gap widens even more? If your answer to my questions is Yes, then read on.

So, how do we do this, how is this accomplished? Simple, we all become living bridges between our present world and the world to come. In other words, we become what we teach. As an emissary from the Nibiruan Council, it is my service and my desire to provide you with the tools to become a living bridge along with the support to implement those tools.

Well, what is a living bridge, you may ask? A living bridge is a person who has attained multidimensionality while in a 3D body. They have obtained what Kryon calls Ascension Status. An ascended Lightworker is a person who has a frequency much the same as Jesus had while he walked on Earth. They can see, hear and communicate with beings or people in other dimensions. They also can discern who they are communicating with, just as if they were screening 3D phone calls. They have gained citizenship in the galactic community by virtue of their new higher consciousness. This level of consciousness is what we seek in our pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The ancient masters and many others have informed us that to successfully shift and ascend a planet, a large percentage of the population must reach this level of consciousness. At the present time the Nibiruan Council, the main overseeing council of our galaxy and custodians of the Hale-Bopp Companion, Nibiru, is working towards a 73% shift of the masses in 2012 AD. I used to think this was a somewhat lofty goal, but now I see how it can be accomplished.

So how does one accomplish becoming an ascended Lightworker? By recoding your DNA. Let me explain.

The Nibiruan Council has provided mankind with a process for recoding the DNA and obtaining the level of Ascension Status. And even better, it is an accelerated version of the process that mankind, as a whole, is experiencing due to the frequency being beamed from Nibiru. The accelerated process can be completed as quickly or as slowly as one desires. There is a template already completed and residing in Earth’s grid for this process. A template is like free software, anyone can use it.

Recoding is a simple process but does take some work. The work is clearing out the low frequency emotions stored in the physical and emotional bodies, and releasing the implants in the Light body (MerKaBa) that holds these emotions in place. The emotions connected to these implants are the root cause of physical and mental illness. The implants are connected to the lessons on your Life Blueprint.

The emotions stored in the emotional body are clogging the plumbing of the psychic glands. Clearing them out is like using cosmic Drano. As they are cleared the psychic glands come back on line, thus opening your communication to higher dimensions. The release valve for this emotional clearing is located in the new chakra called the high heart.

The high heart is at the thymus chakra, located between the heart and the throat in the upper chest. The high heart acts as an incinerator, transmuting the low frequency emotions into compassion, the highest frequency emotion.

The tool for activating the high heart incinerator is called the Formula of Compassion. This Formula enables you to see the lesson you wanted to learn, then bring the layers of emotion stored in the physical/emotional bodies, and connected to the lesson, into the high heart where they are transmuted into compassion. With this you experience repeated frequency jumps, or ascension steps.

Reaching the level of ascension requires only that you repeat the process enough times to bring your frequency up to the level where the psychic glands and the MerKaBa are fully activated. As you work with the Formula, your consciousness begins to change and you see things very differently. Now, instead of seeing yourself as a victim of the problems and challenges in your life, you see yourself as the powerful soul that created the challenges in order to learn a lesson. You gain compassion and let go of judgment towards yourself and others. You integrate the Light and the Dark and see them as equally valuable parts of the whole, the Creation of God.

Now, back to the topic of bridging. To bridge successfully we must become ascended Lightworkers. Instead of lovingly pushing books on our loved ones, let’s become a living example of joy, compassion and unconditional love. Let’s become the kind of person they want to emulate . It’s not what we say, it’s what we are that will bring them around. The high frequency of an ascended Lightworker is like honey to bees. It draws people to you. They want what you have and they can have it by walking the path that you walked. And you will have the joy of being their guide and lighting their way home.

Jelaila Starr

Readers Comments

“I just read bridging the masses and it was a relief, I felt so alone in my endeavors that I just wanted to die, (sometimes) I have separated from family and friends, and I knew even when I was doing it that in the past I would’ve blamed them for this separation but my intent was too clear this time, but I didn’t know why I was doing it. I feel a lot of relief after reading you article, I have gone to a channeler in Arizona this past March he also spoke of the council of 9, when I sat down to talk to him after a few minutes I felt so dizzy, and I knew the energy changed in the room, he told me I was from a different star system, I forget the name of the star system but I would like a channeler that I can get some information on just what the heck I need to do. as i said before i am a songwriter and the refrain to one of the songs I wrote is hallow me please hallow me, I need to do what I came here to and it is truly my mission, I have changed in the last year drastically, I have been spiritual for many, many years but this is different. it is integrating my lower nature with the light and being honest. So thanks again for the articles, I’m going back to read more.” Ellen