Becoming a Prosperous Teacher, Part 2

Once we have gotten conscious about these beliefs and done our inner work to release them, we may still find ourselves controlled by fears that stem from these beliefs. Now let’s take a look at those.

Fear #1:

If I become wealthy and famous through my spiritual work, I will be rejected by the people I love and those I serve.

In my experience those of us with this issue fear the jealousy of others and the rejection that results from that fear more than we care about our own well being. As a result we will unconsciously block the opportunities that come our way, which may lead to accumulating financial wealth through our spiritual work. I believe that as long as we care more about getting acceptance from others we will be controlled by this fear.

How can I tell if I have this fear?

  • You feel you must give money to those who come to you asking for it.
  • You feel guilt or shame when someone says something like, “You don’t know how I feel because you don’t have to worry about paying the bills.”
  • You feel that because you have money you should offer your services for free.
  • You feel that you must work harder so that others will feel you are their equal than someone who has no money.
  • You feel you must in some way demean yourself and/or your abilities so that those with no money will accept you.
  • You feel you must apologize for having money when others do not have money.
  • You fear others thinking you are less spiritual because you have money.

What can I do to integrate this fear?

The way I have learned to integrate this fear is, once again, through working with the Inner Child. Once we begin giving our Inner Child the love and acceptance he/she deserves, following through on our agreements and thus building trust with them, we won’t be concerned about what others think of us and our financial success. We won’t be giving money to them just so they will still love us. We won’t belittle ourselves, or our abilities just so they will consider us their equal.

Fear #2:

If I become famous and wealthy through my spiritual work, I will not be able to generate the consistent level of power needed to handle my responsibilities and therefore, I will fail and everyone will reject me.

This fear plagues many of us and I am still struggling to integrate all the various ways it controls my life. When we have this fear, our dread of rejection for not being able to maintain the level of service that people are used to receiving from us is more powerful than our fear of not having money. The way this fear plays out for me is that I will resist my next step, the step that will take me to the next level of service and financial abundance. Or, I will create something that is leading edge and walk away from it just before it pays off. I got in touch with this fear just a few months ago. Let me explain.

There have been two significant occasions when I have developed a concept that was cutting edge only to have it picked up by someone else and turned into a very profitable venture. It seems that inherent in the life of a visionary is a soul contract to endure long periods of time when money will be limited because their new vision or concept has not yet caught on with the public.

I spent 6 years developing a concept of business networking that as I refined it caused my cash flow to dwindle to the point that I lost heart and walked away from it. I was tired of barely getting by each month even though I knew that if I could hold on long enough, it would catch on. People loved it and it helped them immensely, but there just wasn’t enough people using it to pay the bills.

Just recently I received an e-mail from a friend with a URL to a website. It was the website of the individual who had taken my idea and franchised it! He is making loads of money from it now. But the people are ready for it, the groundwork had been laid and the seeds planted. I was very angry about this but when I was finally willing to look at why it turned out this way, I had to admit that I didn’t hold on because I was afraid that if it took off, I would not be able to maintain the level of responsibility needed to keep it going and therefore would fail. This would be a fate worse than death because people would know of my deepest weaknesses.

When we have this fear it is in our life because we have a pattern of giving too much and not keeping enough energy in reserve for ourselves.

How can I tell if I have this fear?

  • You feel resistance to your next step and in the most extreme cases experience anxiety attacks when confronted with it.
  • You have multiple reasons, circumstances and excuses pop up to support you in not moving forward, all of which appear on the surface to be totally logical and legitimate.
  • You experience frequent episodes of burn out, much more than the person without this fear.

What can I do to integrate this fear?

We can integrate this fear by setting personal boundaries around how much time we spend serving others and by using agreements to let those we serve know what our boundaries are. Boundaries are only as good as the agreements used to express them. Other agreements that will enable us to integrate this fear are the ones we need with our Inner Child. The most important one being that we agree not to abandon our Inner Child when we feel pain from others rejecting us because we hold a boundary that keeps them from getting their need met in the moment.

Fear #3:

If I become famous because of my spiritual work, I will be harmed.

How many of us have accessed past lifetimes where we were killed for becoming leaders and speaking out about what we knew, or for sharing hidden knowledge with the public? Like the two we previously discussed, this fear will also block our financial abundance.

I have been fortunate enough to be somewhat financially successful in my spiritual work and though not rich, Jonathan and I are able to afford what we need. But this one still creates great dips in our finances and they have become more prevalent of late since I am focusing on integrating every last vestige of this damn fear in my life. Can you tell that it frustrates me? *smile *

I know that I could have more money right now if I was willing to become more public but I fear exposing myself to that degree. Deep inside me is a feeling that I will not be safe, that someone will harm me by getting past someone that I have trusted to protect me. I have uncovered several lifetimes where this has occurred and even felt my body respond to those memories with physical symptoms like my throat suddenly closing or terrible searing pain in my chest and wrists. So I know that I struggle with this one.

How can I tell if I have this fear?

  • Your finances take a plunge or dry up suddenly.
  • You find yourself resisting some new form of work
  • You begin to experience sudden physical symptoms that either you have never had before or you have not had in a long time.

I have found that those with this fear agreed on a soul level to tie their financial prosperity to their level of service and public exposure. They do this so that they will be motivated to reach the level needed to eventually fulfill their mission.

I am well aware of the fact that I intentionally tied my financial abundance to my level of public exposure as a way to help me get over the hurdle of putting myself out there to the extent that I have done before, an extent that ended in my death. Each time the next step arrives I go through the same motions of anger, resistance and fear. The only thing that motivates me to move through that fear and integrate it is the stronger fear of not having enough money to pay the bills and do what I want to do. I have reached the point in my life where I am just not satisfied with covering my expenses anymore, I want enough to buy new clothes, take a weekend trip to the mountains with my hubby or buy a pedigreed cat. So in a way this standard of living aids my spiritual growth because as soon as the money stops coming in for a few days, I go into action.

What can I do to integrate this fear?

  1. Ask your Soul to show you what fear is causing you to block the flow of money in your life.
  2. Once you get the answer, ask your Inner Child/Ego to show you the lifetimes when this fear manifested and the events that transpired.
  3. Once he/she has shown you this lifetime, and there may be several, validate his/her right to have these feelings and acknowledge his/her right to block anything that would possibly manifest those kinds of results again.
  4. Once he/she feels validated, and you can find this out by asking your Inner Child/Ego, ask if he/she wants to continue to feel this kind of pain. If they say no, then ask him/her if he/she is willing to make a decision that would create a new kind of life—a life full of personal recognition. If he/she says yes, then call in your Higher Self/Soul and ask to make an agreement that your Soul will lead the both of you into this new life and that you and your Inner Child agree to follow.

Once again, there are more agreements that can be made to further support and assure the Inner Child so that they agree to not block you and hold up your financial abundance.

In conclusion, I realize that there is more that can be said in regards to the fears and beliefs that block us financially. As I said in the beginning, I wanted to ferret out some of the core beliefs. The solutions always seem to come down to working with our Soul/Higher Self and our Inner Child/Ego. At least that has been my experience. I will continue with this subject in a follow up article where I will discuss some of the tips and lessons I have learned on the spiritual path that help me avoid financial pitfalls that occur from just not knowing about how Spirit works.