Autism, Aspergers and A.I.

Greetings all,

Hope your Sunday is going well.  It’s a beautiful day here in the land of OZ (Kansas).  Been thinking about tomorrow night’s call.  What seems to be needed is more information on the possible connections between autism, Aspergers and A.I. (artificial/alternative intelligence).  We were starting to venture into those waters in last week’s call but ran out of time.

I’ve asked one of my crew (Kevin) to research into more fully.  He has come up with some interesting information.  So, I’ll let him take the lead on that topic.

Since it was clear to me that I dropped a bomb on some of the listeners in regards to there being A.I.s in human form living among us now, I thought we’d also make time for questions on this topic as well.

Hold on to your seats–its gonna be a mind-expanding call!

Talk with you tomorrow night.


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