Ascension Update – October 2013

Many thanks again, for all the kind words and encouragement. That means a lot when you are living out on a limb, so to speak. You’d think that after 20 years, I’d be used to taking the hits but, seems I’m only human after all. Haha

Is it me or does it seem that the world is still waiting for something waiting to exhale? It feels as though we are on the brink of something major. I feel like I am waiting to begin a new mission. This mission is about learning to live in the new reality; the one just now coming into view. This may be our last week of waiting … as something is about to shift.

Living in the new reality … it is going to be different than the one we have known. One of the greatest changes is going to be the level of prosperity. To maintain and grow we will need to shift how we view abundance. Many of us used to living paycheck to paycheck, we are used to doing with less buying only when things are in sale. What will we do when it is no longer necessary to wait in line, travel coach or buy cheaper items because we cannot afford the best? We will have to learn how to live large and do it gracefully.

Living large means living in a grander manner. For many of us that will be a bit scary cause we have experienced the pain of losing everything when we really stretched and went for it. But we can do it once we change our thinking and our ways.

To counter the old memories and fear we simply adopt a new way of being, one that becomes a daily practice. This practice is generating positive experiences and prosperity generating a daily flow of positive emotions. As I wrote in last week’s message, getting more in touch with what we are thinking and feeling, being as aware of our respective “inner worlds” as we are of our outer worlds, is the key.

I feel strongly that my last few messages are part of this new mission. It is as though our guides and angels have closed the door on their work in getting us through this transition/ascension. On that note, I want to talk a bit about ascension and where we are in that process.

As I have stated numerous times over the years, ascension is not about all of a sudden ending up in a new reality. It is a process rather than a destination. As I understand it, ascension is the process of moving up in consciousness. The movement is created through replacing one’s dysfunctional beliefs with more compassionate and integrated ones. This work is done through having one’s fears manifest through difficult events. If while in the midst, feeling the fear, we choose to change our response, and not buy into the fear, that is the moment that the old pattern gets replaced. Or, while in the midst, feeling the rage and frustration, we recognize the lesson–and the gift–behind why someone has mistreated us … and we release then from blame … that is the moment we clear old emotional baggage. This clearing not only releases the baggage, it transmutes the portion of DNA in which that baggage was held from carbon to crystalline. Pretty sweet, eh?

In ascension there are levels and phases. We ascend into different levels of higher consciousness based on what we have cleared. We also move through phases or stages based on our planetary position in the cosmos. December 21, 2012 is one such phase. We, along with our planet, completed many orbital cycles at that time (Grand Galactic cycle).

From where I stand, I believe that we have been ascending for years…and we still are. Ascension, raising our consciousness will continue as long as our souls exist, as long as we continue to discover and embrace more ways in which to integrate the Light and Dark. This means that even though we have recently completed a major cycle, we will complete others in the future. So ascension is not done; we have simply completed a phase and are beginning a new phase.

Back to the new reality. My my guides inform me that any time a group of souls complete a planetary phase, teachers are present to help them learn how to live in the new reality. That means that I am one of many teachers being given this new mission. With that in mind, I’ll be directing my efforts towards providing the best information I can to assist you in taking advantage of the blessings about to come our way.