Ascension and Grief

Its been a couple of weeks since I wrote. The reason is that I wanted time to think about the direction these messages are taking. This new direction seems to have irritated some of my readers … they want me to “get over my issues” and get back to being a galactic messenger. I do understand their irritation, I’ve felt it myself. Yes, it does get old moving through grief. I now understand why most people never complete the grief process. People get tired of hearing–and feeling–what seems to be the same old pain as they try to be with you as you move through it. But as I have learned grief is an onion with many layers. As each layer is felt and expressed, it gets released. It is that very process, repeated over and over again, that eventually sets you free.

While contemplating this situation I have asked, is there a purpose in me having this pain, this loss, at this time in my life, as well as, the world? Yes. As I wrote in the most recent message, we are moving through a period in which we are having to let go of the old systems … reality as we knew it. We are pioneers forging a new path in order to create a new world. Just like the brave men and women in the 1800s who left behind the lives they knew in order to join the wagon trains heading west, we are doing much the same. And just as it was then, there was grief around what was gone and would never be again.

I’ve also asked why I have had little contact from the Council. Each answer is the same; their work is pretty much done. Their work involved getting us prepared for the great Shift of the Ages. That shift has occurred. Now we face the daunting yet, at the same time, exciting task of creating a new reality. We are now in our second year.

With no handbook to guide us we are left to forge our way the best we can. Though its been a bit messy and awkward, we are succeeding nonetheless. I was informed, when making my query, that the Council would be hands off for the most part. They know that we must make our own choices. The only time they would get involved is if they see us getting hung up. That brings me to the answer to my question about I am going through so much loss and grief.

Having taken other planets through ascension processes, the Council knew the pitfalls and planned accordingly. People will be sent in ahead of time in order to provide guidance through the turbulent times. Many of us have that assignment. We were told that we are sent here to help humanity through “the changes” (aka the Great Shift). In order to provide that guidance we would need to have specific events at select times that we would go through. As we moved through those experiences, we would write about them and share our writings with others.

One of the pitfalls the Council foresaw was getting caught in the grief of losing the old reality. Another was the loss of loved ones to mental illness due to the rising frequency, a common challenge on ascending planets. More on ascension and mental illness in an upcoming message.

One cannot truly understand grief and loss until they have lost someone. In order to provide guidance through these times, and to do my part to help us get unstuck, I would need to lose someone I loved dearly … and in a way that would shatter me to the core. How else could I provide guidance that would truly be helpful?

In closing, for those who are irritated at the new direction, I hear you; it sucks six ways to Sunday. With that said, it is where we need to focus right now in order to be able to move forward in creating our new reality.