Ascension and 2012: The 9D Council Perspective

The topic of a weekly message often stems from emails I’ve received. This week is no different. What I look for are trends. In other words, getting the same question repeatedly in a short span of time. The latest trend is about ascension and how it figures into 2012. It appears from the emails that many are confused about the nature of ascension (how does it occur, do we take our bodies with us, what is the light body, is this the same as the Rapture? Answering them all requires more space than I have in one newsletter so consider this part one. In this part, I address the first 2 questions.

Before I begin, I wish to reiterate that this is the 9D Nibiruans’ perspective, based on the method they have given for ascension on Earth at this time. As they have said, the ascension methods used vary for planet to planet based on the species. Since our planet hosts species from all over — a literal melting pot — the method includes use of both the head and the heart (methods usually involve one or the other).

Going further, there are many people here from other worlds who, though they inhabit a human form, require additional assistance due to their genetics. That is assistance is being given and is the reason we see so many methods for DNA enhancement and ascension. When viewed from the highest perspective, there is no error in having so many methods because they all are required and lead to the same positive conclusion–ascension.

Moving on, let’s first discuss ascension. Ascension is a process that involves both the mind and the body — yes, you are taking that vehicle with you. Ascending the mind or consciousness means ascending or elevating our belief systems from fear based to more compassionate or integrated. This requires adopting a new set of beliefs that are more integrated.

Ascension occurs one integration at a time as we integrate (find value) in the dark aspects of our beliefs. In other words, finding value in all things we judge as dark and having no value. This is what, as I have learned, is meant by the term, integrating the Light and the Dark. So ascension is a process that occurs over time as we integrate the things we fear.

As we integrate our beliefs, we change the structure of our DNA, transforming it from carbon to crystalline, one segment at a time. This is why the Nibiruans speak so much of emotional clearing. Emotional clearing done at the level that engages the multidimensional functions of the endocrine system (responsible for transforming DNA (see the DNA Recoding Process Overview) creates the needed transformation.

With each issue that we clear, we transform another segment of our DNA while, at the same time, realigning, connecting and activating our 10 dormant DNA strands. We also we develop an second neural network comprised of new higher dimensional ways of behavior. This process leads to us vibrating at a higher frequency with lighter bodies. Now we must learn to make decisions from 2 levels of consciousness rather than one. We must learn to walk in two worlds. That’s a book in itself. Whew!

What’s the connection to 2012?

Though ascension is a process that occurs every day as we work to clear our emotional baggage, I believe there is a specific physical moment of ascension, too. That moment occurs when our planet completes its journey across the galactic equator and emerges from the wave of high vibratory energy emanating from the galactic core. This process occurs every 13,000+ years as is part of the precession of the equinoxes. Our planet will complete this crossing at the end of 2012.

This wave creates a quickening and separation as each individual shifts to the dimensional level that corresponds ot the frequency of his/her body. The higher you vibrate before this crossing the higher you will shift after. This process occurs every 13,000+ years as is part of the precession of the equinoxes. Our planet will complete this crossing at the end of 2012.