Ascension: An Event or Process?

There are times when I’ll see the same issue crop in all three counseling sessions on the same day. When that occurs I know it means something–the Guides feel the issue is very important and want it shared with a larger audience. So what is it? It is about ascension and how a misunderstanding of what that word means can create a whole lot of pain, causing many starseeds to possibly thrown in the towel and give up.

After many years on the ascension path I’ve come to see that ascension is a term with many definitions, but there are essentially two schools of thought. To some it is an event, while to others it is a process or journey. Let’s look at both.

Ascension: the Event

There are many who believe that ascension is an event. It is likened to the coming of Christ, a moment in time when we will ascend to a new place leaving our bodies and this 3D world behind. But there is more, one must prove worthy to ascend. This translates into doing their own emotional clearing and healing work, while at the same time, working to heal others.

Now the personal work is great, as my clients, Mary, Beth and Joanne can attest. It’s the healing (saving) others that is the problem. As these ladies learned, when we try to fix others, in this case by enlightening them, we interfere with their respective paths. And what really muddies the waters is the message we send when we do it. That message is that their path is incorrect so we must set them straight. Talk about invalidating, is it any wonder their family and friends resisted? But there’s more.

This perspective on ascension left Mary, Beth and Joanne feeling frustrated, angry and fearful. Frustrated because they believed they were not going to “make the grade.” Angry because their efforts to enlighten their friends and family had backfired, and fearful because they felt that having been unable to save others, they will fall short at ascension time. Talk about pressure!

Ascension: the Process

Ascension as a process can be described as an ongoing journey. In other words, a journey of continually raising one’s consciousness by discovering and integrating higher levels of awareness. There is no event for which they are working to prepare.

In fact, you could say that a soul will work on ascension in each incarnation because it is simply the process of ascending one’s consciousness to higher levels. This process becomes a journey through the events that the soul has already chosen and placed on its life blueprint for that incarnation. Why does the soul do this? It always wants to grow. Simply put, ascension is a process of raising consciousness; one that the soul embarks on in each incarnation.

For those I’ve counseled, this perspective leaves a positive impact. They know that they don’t have to rush because the process is life-long. There’s no timetable to adhere to. They know it is an individual experience and therefore, trying to “educate” others is unnecessary. Each person has his/her own plan and this plan includes to what level they will aspire in any given lifetime. All in all, it is a stress free belief.

After explaining a higher perspective on ascension, all three clients felt relieved. And each decided to give their husbands another chance (each wanted to get divorced because their husbands just weren’t getting up to speed.)

In closing, if you find yourself feeling frustrated about your ascension and ready to give up, I hope this message provides some relief. You are too precious to lose.