As We Save the Children, the Children Will Save Us

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With the news about Wayfair and the child trafficking being conducted there (as well as on Ebay and through Amazon), the reality of it is going viral, now reaching into mainstream.  Though the fake news may go into hyperdrive to spin it, they will not succeed as they did with P_z_ag_t_because the evidence is overwhelming and more of the masses are awake now.  On that note, the revelation of the trafficking has been the red pill for many who may not have awakened otherwise.

It is my belief that it is through the exposure of the horrors being suffered by the millions of children used to feed the Cabal’s increasing demands that we will save our planet.  In other words, as we save them by stopping the trafficking, the truth of their suffering will cause us to reunite in that effort.  When we are focused on saving the children, the conflicts that the Cabal has orchestrated to divide us will not matter.  We are on our way now!  Watch for the next few weeks to see the divides begin to fall apart as the truth emerges and humanity reunites.  We will be discussing this more on our call.

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