As Revelations Begin, So Does Our Next Step

Hi Everyone,

For those following events here in the US, the Mueller Report came out this past Friday via a summary provided by the Attorney General .  It states that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump team.  Needless to say there was an outcry from those who did not welcome this news.  So what does this mean in the bigger picture?  To me it means that our work, our most important work, begins now.  Why?  The news was the first of many revelations to come that could further divide the country, leading to a civil war.  Now is the time to act, but how?  By doing what we’ve been taught to do, build bridges of healing, of compassion.

It is my understanding that this did not occur in the prior Grand Experiments.  In fact, what occurred was the “See, I told you so!”  In other words, we celebrated our rightness and rubbed it in the face of those on the other side.  Again, it is my understanding that this is changing this time…and we can magnify that change by being clear about how and what to do.  Let take about it more tonight.

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