Are We Ascending?

Are we ascending? And if so, what are the signs? Who’s helping us, and who’s not? These are questions many people are asking these days.

So are we ascending? I would say yes. How do we know? Simple, just look at the many predictions that have not come true. By now we should have had a lot more earthquakes, and California should have been devastated by a major earthquake. Comet Lee, the comet named the “King of Terror” by Nostradamos was supposed to wreak havoc on earth, but once again, it came and went without much ado.

The fact that predictions are not coming true, are the signs that we are ascending. Unfortunately those who make the predictions are taking some flack for this. I would hope that we would all understand that what they saw was accurate, and would have come true had we needed those events to assist us in our ascension by providing more catalysts for clearing and change. But, it seems that we have not needed them. There appears to be enough people doing their emotional clearing for the earth to not have to do it for us.

Since our emotional bodies collectively make up the emotional body of the planet, the more we clear the less Mother Earth has to do. And when she does it manifests as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. That is not to say that these things aren’t happening; they are. But they are not much more than we have had in the past. Yet I must confess that there are times when I wish for more earth changes to occur because I get into fear that without them people will not wake up. But, once again, I must tell myself that there will be enough people waking up to finish the ascension, and the amount of earth changes that are and will occur will be the perfect amount to complete the job. Do you get these kinds of fears too? Am I alone in feeling this way?

Another sign that we are ascending are the effects we are experiencing living in two dimensions (3D & 4D) at once. Many people are experiencing heightened emotions, seeing entities in their peripheral vision, memory loss, and weight gain due to fears coming up to be released. Though difficult to deal with, these symptoms are good because they let us know that life as we knew it (living in 3D alone) is over and we have moved into a new dimension.

The good news is that once we clear our emotional and physical bodies so that our bodily frequency matches that of the dimensional frequency in which we now exist, these symptoms will begin to disappear. I am just thankful that it is happening at a slow enough pace to give us time to adjust. Those of you who are utilizing the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process will find your lives evening out much more quickly than those moving along at the planetary pace. You are in essence, a few steps ahead.

Now on to the next question. Many people have been asking me about the Zeta’s role in all this. My answer to this point is that everyone’s role including the Zeta’s has a value. But now I see that more clarity could help so here is the 9D Council’s perspective on the Zetas. Devin will be channeling this. Here goes.

Greetings Beloved Ones,

As many of you have come to know, we are proponents of integration. The individuals playing the roles of Zetas cannot be lumped all together. From our viewpoint there are three distinct roles these individuals are experiencing at this time. But before we share them with you, I feel that you would benefit from knowing the origin of the Zeta form.

The Zeta form was first created by the Nibiruans. They are a cross between the Reptilians, Humans, and in some cases, Insectillians. The Zeta form was created for the purpose of providing individuals who could man orbiting space stations for extended periods of time. The fact that they are devoid of emotional bodies makes them especially suitable for extended periods in space. They were in essence created as androids. In the ancient records of your planet, you identified them as the Igigi or Watchers.

There are several groups of these beings that have evolved and begun to acquire an emotional body. We encourage this in all races. Unfortunately, some of this advancement has been accomplished at the expense of humans since humans alone of all races carrying the genetic coding for compassion, which is essential to emotional maturity and spiritual evolution. This we do not encourage, and as an elder council we can only provide guidance when asked. To intervene would be a breach of free will.

But we can inform you as to how to take this in stride and use it as a catalyst for your own spiritual evolution. The Zeta’s choices are not uncommon among races created first as androids, but there is certainly a better way, and other races created in this manner have opted for that way.

Now in regards to the three Zetas roles, there are those who are working with the group of 4D Reptilians, formerly under Marduk’s command, who are working to take overt control of earth. They have been promised, by their overlords all the human genes needed to attain an emotional body. Unfortunately they will be disappointed, as this form of “abducting” genes will severely delay their progress. Only by entering into a cooperative program of beneficial exchange with humans can these androids ever hope to attain the spiritual technology (genes) that will enable them to reproduce as a race on their own, and achieve spiritual ascension of their race.

There is another group of Zetas that have evolved through beneficial exchange with humans and these individuals have taken on the task of informing the people of earth of the hidden agenda of their Zeta brothers and sisters. They understand that if the universe is to ever have peace then we must all work together. Their reward will be to acquire full emotional bodies to match their superb technological abilities. It gives us great joy knowing that they are working for the betterment of all races.

The third group are those who believe, based on past experience, that mankind will not ascend. Since they do not have fully developed emotional bodies, and they are not open to the higher dimension as a result of not having emotional bodies that can access these realms, they feel they can help the most by warning mankind of the impending doom that he faces. Their stance is to prepare mankind for the worst. Many in this group are also talking about a mass evacuation of the planet. They do not have the emotional capacity to comprehend that emotional clearing can and is the path to ascension. They are not necessarily evil, and in fact, they believe that they are helping.

In all three cases, we ask that you view these individuals from the higher perspective of compassion. In each there is a value, in each, an opportunity for discernment. Whether they are playing very dark roles for your spiritual evolution, or playing what you call light roles, they are above all, beings in service to us all and they too want the opportunity to spiritually evolve.

With this I will close. Please remember that when we find the value in the things that we call dark, we reach integration, and compassion, and evolve just a little more.

In service to you,
Devin, Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council

So there you have it. Please use the above information to determine which group or groups of Zetas you are encountering. And please, see them all from the higher perspective. They like many other android races, and there are a lot in this universe, are struggling to find a way to evolve. We are more fortunate because we are humans and therefore, have emotional bodies. They have so much further to go.

The Zetas figure heavily in our ascension process. They have helped and they have hindered. If we can understand their choices as choices we might have made if the situation were reversed, then we can find compassion and move that much closer to our goal of ascension.

I hope this message has been of some help to you. In these days of confusion and chaos, hearing a different perspective can sometimes bring the clarity that makes it easier to cope. As always, use discernment when viewing this and any other information that comes your way. Accept only the messages that feel right in your heart.

Blessings my friends,
Jelaila Starr

Written November, 1999