Are Others Blinded by Your Light?

Intriguing title for today’s message, huh? I can’t take credit for it; the idea came from Bartholomew,a client’s guide. Bartholomew showed up to help my client understand how to proceed in his mission as a “bridge.” A “bridge mission” is one in which an individual acts as a connector or bridge for people in the 3D world and those on the spiritual fringe. Those would include spiritual teachers, healers and anyone who have embraced a higher way of living and thinking.

The role of a “bridger” is very important now that we are in 2011 and the more intense birth pangs of bringing forth a new reality. As the planet goes through this process, humanity is simultaneously being changed as well. Having people with a higher awareness firmly grounded in the 3D world provides a critical link to those who are awakening at this time. It is to the bridgers, the guy at the office, the woman in the yoga class, that people will turn to when they are ready for understanding because the bridgers appear more like them. Statements such as, “I don’t know why but I feel I can talk to you” will be common.

How we handle this role will determine how easily and quickly the newly awakened make their spiritual jumps. Bartholomew gave my client (a beautiful soul), some excellent tips and how to be a light to others, that beacon in the storms of change that shows the way without blinding the seeker. With his permission, I’m passing them on.

Bartholomew was explaining how in our excitement to share our new wisdom with those around us, our friends, family, and coworkers, we sometimes tend to forget that they may not be ready for the knowledge (light) that we so eagerly want to share. When pushed on another it feels much the same having a bright spotlight in the eyes. “Blinding them with our light.”

  1. Not everyone is here to ascend or to ascend to the same level. With that in mind, it is absolutely crucial that we remember this when relating to those who are not where we are spiritually. They are exactly where they are supposed to be.
  2. Before sharing our new wisdom, ask if they are interested in hearing it. If we want to share a new book or CD or video … even a webpage, ask if they want to partake. Avoid hurt feelings by remembering that if they are not where you are spiritually, they are not supposed to be! Thinking that giving them the new knowledge is doing what is best for them is incorrect. What is best for them is us showing love and compassion by honoring where they are. That means keeping our wisdom to ourselves unless it is requested.
  3. Don’t judge them negatively if they don’t want to know. Remember, they are where they are supposed to be. Our judgment doesn’t have to be spoken to be felt.

My client in his desire to bring his partner along with him on the ascension path, was negatively judging her for not being as interested. This judgment led to her feeling hurt and resentful. Furthermore, that resentment could easily cause her to delay her own spiritual growth when it is time because she is so resentful of his well-intentioned pushiness. Or, she may delay moving forward because she doesn’t want him overwhelming her in his eagerness to share.

So, how do we proceed when our loved ones are ready to learn?
1.Only answer what is asked and no more. Don’t upchuck knowledge all over them. Example:
Q: Do you believe that we live more than once?
A: Yes, I do. (stop there … don’t add anything else.)

2. Don’t be so eager to answer that you fail to discern if the question is sincere. Qualify the question first. This will help you avoid heated discussions meant to convince you that you are wrong … or crazy. *smile* Example:
Q: Do you believe that Jesus is your savior?
A: Why is that important for you to know? Or … Why do you ask?

I hope this provides a few ideas on how to fulfill a mission in which you are a bridge between two worlds. As Bartholomew stated, it is one of the most critical missions deserving all the support available.