April 18th Update: Higher Perspective on the J_b

Hi Everyone,

Don’t know about you but things seem to be getting more unreal as the days go by. Doesn’t it feel like we are living in a perpetual episode of the Twilight Zone?  lol

In any case, though things are becoming more convoluted (up is down and good is bad, etc) there is a silver lining. This week while members of my crew were working through some pretty intense family issues around whether to take the vaccine or not, we finally got to what we feel is the higher perspective and thus spiritual benefit of the whole vaccine scenario. Just knowing what we discovered has enabled us to come to a place of peace with family and friends who decided to take the jab. We will be sharing what we discovered with you on tomorrow night’s Compassion Creator Call.

talk with you then,

Replay link: https://fccdl.in/TclfWEBDt7

Guide Communication SessionsGroup Guide Communication Workshop
Learn how to talk with your Guides. It’s easier than you think!

Dates: April 28th, May 5, and May 12th
Time: Wednesdays at 12noon CDT
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A bit of feedback from participants…

“What a great experience. You took what was ‘mysterious’ and gave such a great break down of the process. The correlation you provided between our design and how it speaks to us, through us, is gold.”
Debra T

“The information that most helped me increase my communication with my Guides was the exercise where we called 2 of our Guides to us, and then followed your instructions to get great detail about each of them, including their names. As a whole, this training has profoundly changed the way that I connect with my guides, as well as experience their energies and guidance. It surprised me that I could feel them so close to me and individually, instead of an ambiguous “guidance…from out there–somewhere, (wherever “there” is!)

My biggest takeaway from the workshop was that I could actually sharpen my awareness of my Guides, and get much clearer messages in my interaction with them…I also was able to overcome some of the doubt I had before, that something was actually happening and I wasn’t making it up!”
–Michelle E