Another Mission Complete

This message has been a long time in coming, so long in fact that I began to doubt I’d ever write it, but here we are. It appears I am ready to let go of doing the weekly messages, at least on a weekly basis. This is due to the current mission being complete (at least I think it may be.)

I’ve come to this decision after weeks of feeling that I am somehow done. That feeling became even stronger after Elenin’s gentle passing, and a conversation I had with Jonathan, my former husband and partner in this work, just a few days ago.

It appears he and I have completed the assignments of this our second mission (see Compassion Templates 2005 series).

This second mission included providing support through the worst of Elenin and Nibiru’s passing, along with creating a template for starseeds to come full circle, reuniting and healing with their respective Earth families.

As with any mission, there are signs tell us when a mission is complete. Most of the time we don’ t know what to look for and only recognize them in hindsight. That has been the case with this mission.

In 2008, after completing clean up work from the first mission, as I said above, I was told to provide support for Nibiru’s passing. This required reaching a global audience. As with any assignment, the method and tools were already chosen. I just had to be open to seeing them. The weekly message using video, with distribution through a new mailing list service, was the chosen plan. Now, after almost 3 years, we have not only reached people around the world, but have a body of knowledge that will be available for free for years to come.

I had expected to continue on through Nibiru’s return, but as I explained in the “If we can just get through September” message back in June, I was informed that if Elenin’s passing was gentle, Nibiru’s would be the same. Around the same time, I began to feel that my work was nearly done, at least this mission phase.

Fast forward to late September.

Since it is now known that Elenin’s passing was mild, that feeling has become even stronger, yet I still wasn’t sure; I needed another sign. That sign came during last’s week’s conversation.

A little background…

After Jonathan and I separated in July 2007, we both thought that it was so that he could get his life going and start a new career … something he was unable to do while we were together. We thought that Jonathan was done with this work and was moving on. That was not the case. In hindsight we see that he was still very much involved but in a way that would allow him to complete his assignments.

In 2009, just when he was ready to start something new, Jonathan was struck with a mysterious debilitating illness that left him unable to live on his own. We were both shocked that this happened, and even though we knew it had a higher purpose, we could not for the life of us figure out what that was. Now, we have. Jonathan’s illness provided the need for him to return to California where he would complete his part of the family healing assignment. Over the intervening months, and a lot of tears and emotional clearing, Jonathan has healed with his three sons. Not only that, he brought them all together in a way that seemed impossible before. The healing has helped each one and now their lives are finally working out.

On my end, my brothers, mother and I healed as the result of our father’s illness and eventual passing. I still believe that our dad sacrificed himself for that healing. Not long after my daughter, who had struggled for years with suicide and depression as a result of losing her mom to a mission, has come out of all of it. And if that’s not enough, she awakened … on her own … without me in the picture!. She is aware of her guides–and communicates with them. In addition, she found a career that really makes her heart sing and she is happier than ever.

Back to last week’s conversation, we both realized that we had been working on the same family healing assignment, and that we had completed it. We also realized that healing with our respective family would not have been possible if we had remained together. Finally our separation, Jonathan’s illness and all the seemingly crazy painful events of the last 4 years finally made sense. With this mission complete, we can both move on … together.

What we have learned about completing assignments is that there is a lull before the next one. Right now, it appears that it will continue until shortly before Nibiru’s passing. That doesn’t mean I won’t still be working … I’ll just do less and focus more on personal things (Jonathan and I have a lot of catching up to do).

As for the weekly messages, I will do them sporadically as events occur that I feel merit a message. The website will still be active and I’ll continue sessions and Emotional Clearing retreats and workshops, but on a very limited basis. I’ll still be here and yes, you can still reach me.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for being a part of this journey. Your prayers, encouragement and love kept me going through the worst of times. I can’t thank you enough.

Be well, be safe and know I am, and always will be, with you.