Galactic Alliances

The Christos Alliance

The Christos Alliance is for the purpose of providing a communications link between the Nibiruan Council as galactic managers and the planetary school called Earth.

The Christos Beings are the governing portion of the Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans. Their base is located on the planet Venus with Sanat Kumara as head of this group. Some call him the planetary logos for earth which in a way would be accurate from our perspective.

The Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans are the planetary heirs of Earth having been given Earth as their home, by the Founders, when their planet that orbited Sirius B exploded. They had tried to integrate but were not successful. You will find a lot more information on the Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans in We are the Nibiruans.

The Christ consciousness stems from this group. It is part of their collective memory of when those that became etheric polarized to the Light on Sirius B.

Christos liaisons that act as intermediaries between the Christos Office and the 9th Dimensional Nibiruan Council, provide the communication link between the Christos office and the 9D Nibiruan Council. It is through these liaisons that Earth’s needs are made known to the 9D Nibiruan Council.

Once the needs are understood, the 9D Nibiruan Council issues requests to the 5th and 6th Dimensional Nibiruan Councils to fill those needs. Depending of the need, there are also times when the requests are issued to the 7th and 8th Dimensional Nibiruan Councils as well.

The Nibiruan Council/Sirius A Alliance

This alliance is for the purpose of providing genetic engineers for upgrading of the genetic codes for planetary races who are ready to ascend to the next level in their evolution.

The genetic engineers are mostly Felines who live on the planet Sirius A. Although they work out of the 6th dimension, they are a much older race of Beings. It is my understanding that these same Felines are those that were active in Egypt in ancient times. Some are known as Sekmet, Seshat and Atum Ra or Aton.

Joysia was chosen by his people to head the DNA Recoding program for Earth. In this capacity Joysia oversees the work of all the genetic engineers involved with the recoding of Earth’s people.

I see Joysia as more human looking than feline. He looks like a cross between Ben Franklin and a lion. I see him with glasses, kindly and gentle with a wonderful sense of humor. I plan to have a picture of him on this page in the near future. I have already ordered it from Phyllis Furphy.

This group is currently working to assist us in opening the secrets stored in the Sphinx and under the Giza plateau, the secrets that will unlock our history and enable us to return to our full multidimensional state. But we must recode our DNA up to the level where we can access and make use of this information.

They are the ones who encourage us to use crystals to grid our planet so that we can sustain higher frequencies which will aid us in our DNA Recoding.

One another note, I have been told by Devin that there will be three people who will travel to Egypt in the near future to unlock a doorway to a secret chamber. This chamber will house the information of our past (planetary and universal) and will also have written within the names of the three individuals who opened the door. I wonder who they will be and do we already know of them?