A Soul Perspective on Depression, Part 1

Anyone who has, or lives with someone who has, depression knows how challenging it can be. The isolation, terror and hopelessness can seem never ending. But having had to dance with it myself, I learned that depression has a positive side. Each time I discover one I write about it in the hopes that it will help. Today, and over the next couple of messages, I’d like to share with you some of the latest findings, findings that I feel are some of the most profound I’ve ever known. I don’t take credit for them because they came from the guides of two very special people.

Kyle and Laura

I was honored to provide an Emotional Clearing Retreat for Kyle and Laura (not their real names), a couple that I have known for nearly 20 years. Jonathan and I met Kyle back in 1999 when he came to our condo in Los Angeles to help us with our computer network. I’ll never forget that day because he was spaced out within minutes due to the powerful crystal grid we had set up (per the Nibiruans’ request) to the point that he couldn’t focus. Blessed with razor-sharp focus this was pretty disconcerting for him. LOL

Anyway, Kyle and Laura stayed in touch after Jonathan and I left Los Angeles and moved back to Kansas City. Over the years I’d work with them whenever they found themselves at an impasse in their spiritual growth.

It had been 25 years since they tied the knot. After their son was born, Kyle chose to put his music career on hold to be a stay at home dad. Laura continued to work in the corporate world. It was a good arrangement for many years.

Having worked mostly with Kyle during the intervening years, I was not aware of the changes in Laura’s life until about 8 months ago when she called me. Laura, who suffered from chronic depression, had been laid off from her job when her company was purchased by another. Now that she had more time on her hands, all the things that she had pushed aside had begun bubbling to the surface to be released. Within just a few months, Laura found herself literally emotionally imploding.

Now that the pain of the past was demanding center stage, Laura found herself in a near daily struggle to find the light. Kyle, acting as her coach, worked tirelessly to help her. Most days began with a 2 to 3 hour intensive conversation meant to pull Laura out of the deep pit of depression.

After months of diligent effort, they both realized that though the techniques and tools they were using were good, they needed more. The daily morning intensives left Kyle drained. It was hard to suppress the frustration that Laura couldn’t just snap out of it. Laura, feeling overwhelmed by the pace of the conversation, and Kevin’s razor-sharp logic, was unable to keep up. Not only was she exhausted, there was a sense of being well–simply defective. Kyle and Laura realized that if their marriage was going to survive, they would need to make a change, but what kind of change was the question.

We decided that an Emotional Clearing Retreat would provide the answers. The goal was that at the end of the retreat, they would leave happy with hope for their marriage, and a plan for dealing with Laura’s depression. To be successful this plan needed to be both workable and practical on a daily basis.

The Plan, Part 1: New Perspective

Having tools that would work required much more than new steps and techniques; it required a new perspective. In other words, Kyle needed to see Laura as she really was, not as he wanted and believed her to be.

From a higher perspective, depression is a tool of the Soul. It is used to heal and release soul wounds. Soul wounds occur as a result of painful events in an incarnation. Those wounds are carried forward into future lifetimes when the Soul feels it is ready to work on them. If not, the wounds are sequestered away in the recesses of the soul’s akashic records.

A soul wound impairs the Spirit/Self when the wound is triggered. (I speak of the Spirit or Self as the You, who is reading this message.) These wounds cause us to think, feel and act in ways that sometimes defy logic … all in an effort to escape the pain.

In the field of epigenetics a soul wound is called a genetic marker. These markers are in the DNA that are passed down through generations. They can be triggered by painful events that correspond to the emotions found in the marker. For example, if a wound was created by the sudden death of a loved one in a previous generation, the family member with the marker in the current generation may have that marker triggered when they experience a sudden loss of the same emotional type.

Laura’s soul wounds were pretty profound. When I tuned in to her psychically I saw she had not only lived several intense lifetimes, the roles she had played had left huge wounds. These wounds, together with the beliefs that helped create them, were like balls and chains tied to her ankles. Laura’s soul was determined to release and heal those wounds during this lifetime. Releasing meant that she would have to identify and change the dysfunctional belief that created each wound, which in turn, would release the pain involved. Laura’s soul felt the timing was perfect being that the energies of Mother Earth, at the end of this Grand Galactic cycle and ascension process, provided the greatest support for such a change.

Opening the Wound

Once a wound is triggered it is much like a bomb going off in the emotional field. The pain that is released is like red hot fire in the emotional field. As it burns through the locked passage ways, it scorches and expands them. (This is why sufferers often report feeling emotionally raw.)

Because the pain is so ancient, with no awareness of previous incarnations, it surfaces with no clarity to it. We feel overwhelmed with the depth and intensity. Unknowingly we begin to think and make decisions in ways that make absolutely no sense at all because they skew our perception of reality. (This is why it is a blessing to have someone living with us who is not depressed. They can make decisions at a time when we cannot, at least some of them.)

Laura’s wounds were extremely ancient but because we had a knowledge of how to access the records of lives in other realms, we were able to uncover their source. Having this knowledge made it easier to accept the debilitating nature of her process.

Depression: Emotional Morphine

Now that Kyle was aware of soul wounds, he was ready to learn how to best help Laura heal. The next step was to understand the purpose of depression in working through soul wounds.

As my guides explained years ago, depression is a form of medication used by the Inner Child to numb out the pain. When the soul wound gets triggered, and pain is spewing uncontrollably, the IC releases the medication to numb it out. But like morphine the numbing is not localized so the entire emotional field is numbed out.

Once numbed out, the willingness to do anything leaves us; we feel both dead inside and dead tired. All we want to do is sleep and cry. The helplessness to change how we feel, or don’t feel, leaves us feeling out of control and hopeless. At these times it is hard to find the will get up much less go to work and deal with our daily responsibilities.

Once Kyle learned how depression affected Laura, he realized that that the best thing he could do was to let her be and only get involved when she asked for help. I likened a depressive episode to Laura sitting at the bottom of a pool. She just needed to be allowed to sink to the bottom and sit there. During this time, and with the merciful aid of the morphine, the burning emotions of the soul wound would move through and out of her emotional field under the watchful eye of the Inner Child. Eventually the process would complete and Laura would feel her mood lift; she’d be able to see the light again.

There is a way to make this process go smoother and perhaps faster: being in acceptance of it as a natural part of the soul clearing itself. When the pain takes over and Laura sinks to the bottom of the pool, Kyle realized that the second thing he can do is to help Laura hold fast to the understanding that there is an end in sight, a light at the end of the tunnel, and that the pain will pass.

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