A Remedy for Anxiety and Despair

If you’ve been reading my weekly messages then you know about the “Pressure Cooker.” For those unfamiliar, it is the effects that we are feeling as we move through the very high vibrating portion of the Photon Band or Galactic Superwave. This stream, emanating from the galactic core is transforming us into a higher state.

For those aware, it means shedding the parts of ourselves that will no longer be useful. That means old polarized 3D beliefs based in fear. It also means releasing the pain of old wounds because we finally understand the lesson for which they were inflicted. But how do we calm the almost daily feelings of anxiousness and powerlessness, both considered normal reactions to being in the Pressure Cooker? How do we shift our mood so that we manifest what we want when we are really down, anxious and/or depressed. Here’s a technique I’ve developed that seems to really work for me so I’ll pass it on.

The Remedy

Step 1 – Allow myself time to feel whatever sadness, anger, etc. Giving myself permission to have the feelings allows me to both acknowledge them and also honor my Inner Child’s need to express. To immediately work to eliminate them would break my agreement with her to listen to her when she calls. Plus, I find it easier to shift once she feels heard and validated. Remember, the feelings don’t have to make sense in order to be validated.

Step 2 – Remind myself that whatever I’m emoting, I’m going to attract back–and much more quickly than prior to 12/21/12. The reason being that we are in a faster vibrating frequency now so the time between what we put out and what we attract back has exponentially lessened. Now it is around 6 hours.

Once I have given myself time to feel the sadness or whatever has come up, I remind myself about the quickened attraction time and begin the process of shifting.

Step 3 – Now intent on shifting my mood, I use do three things. First, I turn on my “Happy Tracks” playlist. These are songs that make me feel good, making it easier to shift. Second, I do one of two things while listening to the music; sit in my favorite rocking chair starring out at a view of the trees and sky, or take the dogs for a walk in the woods. There’s nothing like watching 3 wiggly butts and wagging tails happily running down the trail ahead of me to lift my spirits. I mean, how can ya be down in the midst of such unbridled joy?

Third, I begin running through a list of happy memories, along with a list of what I’m grateful for. I’ll also throw in visions of the future I want. Most times I find it a bit difficult to feel that future right off the bat so I start with past memories, move into the present, and then with the help from those feelings of gratitude, move into the future.

This technique is the most effective means I’ve found to make the shift. Sometimes it may take longer (when anxiety makes it harder to concentrate) but once I am able to focus, the effectiveness is excellent. I’ve also come to realize that the time between drawing a manifestation of my emotions has decreased to the point that what I’m feeling in the morning will manifest by the afternoon; another reason to find a way to shift. Here’s a recent example of using this recipe and what occurred.

Dad’s Dime

Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit sad because I had awoke with a memory involving my dad. I sat thinking about it and how much I missed him (He’s been dead for just over 4 years now.) I let myself stay in those sad feelings for an hour or so and then began the process of shifting, starting with the reminder that I’m gonna attract what I’ve feeling.

I put on my “Happy Tracks” and sat in my chair watching the rain fall. I focused on a memory from the past that brought a smile to my fact and then on how grateful I was for the rain (my area has been in a severe drought). Then I reminded myself that though I cannot change the fact that my dad is gone, nor the world events that triggered the fear of being lost and alone, I can change my response so that I draw the circumstances I need to feel and be safe.

Now feeling empowered, I focused on things that I was grateful for; things that I could feel an emotional connection to. In that moment, I could really feel how grateful I was for having the skill to communicate with my guides (my dad is one) and the know how to see and follow the signs they give. That led to a feeling of safety cause I know deep down that I am never alone.

Once I felt fully anchored in that knowing and felt a sense of peace, I got up and began working on my To Do list for the day. That same afternoon, around 1:30 pm, I received the manifestation of morning emotional roller coaster ride. First came the sadness manifestation in the form of a diagnostic test on my car. It revealed a burned out sensor, that would only cost $300 to replace the mechanic said. The happiness manifestation came as I was waiting for the diagnostic test to be completed. Sitting in the waiting room, I pulled out of iPhone to check my mail. Lo and behold there was an email notice of an order for–$300! So the sadness brought the car repair bill but the shift to gratitude/happiness brought the money to take care of it. But that wasn’t all…

After the auto shop, I had stopped at a local coffee shop. Because I had a lot of loose coins in the pocket of my bag, I used it for a tip, emptying it all into the tip jar, making sure that was none left. Once I got home I found I had left my phone in the car so I went out to the garage and opened the car door. There in the floorboard, right beside my phone (it had fallen out of my bag) was a shiny dime–dimes are a sign from my deceased dad. When I find a dime by itself, I know that he is near. Finding that dime was a comfort that brought me one step closer to making peace with the sadness of losing the one man who would always be there; he was still there.

Personal transformation is imperative during this time in the Pressure Cooker. There is a sense of empowerment, as well as, security that comes when we know we have the remedies we need to get us through.