A New Way to Effect Change

At a time when so many seem to be losing hope of every creating the new reality that we all seek, a light is shining. That light is a growing awareness of how to harness the power of our first 5D system, the Internet. This system enables us to expose (bring to light) that which is corrupt and hidden so that we can affect change in a powerful yet peaceful way. Let me give you an example.

For those involved in animal rescue and follow the organization, “Dogs Deserve Better” (DDB) you are aware of the story about the 124 dogs from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA. This place, instead of being a home or sanctuary for dogs deemed unadoptable, was hell on earth.

DDB stepped in back in November when they tried to reclaim a dog named Sonny that they had sent there. Repeated requests were denied raising suspicions that something was not right. As rescues groups often do, they turned to Facebook and began telling others. Soon money was raised for the founders of DDB and another organization to go to Forks and check things out. Their fears were realized and a whole lot more.

They learned that the dogs were left in cages 24/7 with most not getting out for months at a time. Quote from Change.org petitioner Rick Gresham. “Many of the dogs are hidden away in dark rooms without air circulation, which in high temperatures, causes an increase in humidity due to the urine soaked straw they are forced to live on. There are dogs without access to fresh water and fresh air and spend their days inside a dark metal building, month after month, year after year.”

Imagine being stuck in a cage barely large enough to turn around, for months at a time? Some of the dogs had broken their teeth trying to chew their way out. The dogs were sick and emaciated from only being fed twice a week and much of that was rancid food. The dogs were beyond filthy from sitting in their own feces and urine. There was no heat or air conditioning. The smell coming from the old metal building was so overpowering the neighbors said it made them vomit. And that was in the winter!

Again taking to Facebook to alert the public, they asked for help. Posting each day they kept everyone updated on their progress. When the two ladies were arrested for protesting, by the somewhat irritated local authorities, a lawyer from New York stepped in to help. Again, pleas were sent out for help with the attorney fees.

The protest continued and as word spread more people showed up to help. Soon there was a whole group of protestors standing out in the snow and cold.

With pressure mounting the owner decided to release all but a few of the dogs to another rescue group. Though everyone was overjoyed, the amount of money, manpower and equipment was beyond the scope of that rescue group. Again the request for help was sent out on Facebook. Before long people from all over came to help. Pens were donated along with food, crates and medical supplies. Veterinarians stepped up to offer free examines and treatment. Other rescue groups stepped up offering to take the dogs and get them into foster homes. Animal behaviorists stepped up and took some of the most damaged dogs for rehabilitation.

Today all but a few of the dogs have been placed with other groups, in foster, or have been adopted. All of this could not have happened without social media and the Internet.

Read more at: Dogs Deserve Better

A 5D Tool

As the Ancient Ones have told us many times, when we ascend we do so with our bodies. It isn’t poof and we are all in a heaven-like place. Instead, we ascend by creating heaven on earth with new systems and new ways of being. As I alluded earlier, our creation of the Internet marked our entry into 5D, the “Age of Light” or knowledge. It is the first system that an evolving race will create when it steps from 4D to 5D. As also mentioned earlier, this amazing tool/system enables us to not only expose all things that are hidden, but also affect change without resorting to weapons and war.

I have been told many times that the more advanced races no longer use weapons or go to war, but I could not really understand how that could be. Now I know.

Affecting Change the Higher Dimensional Way

After years of channeling messages from higher dimensional Beings, I have learned that there is a code of conduct that the more highly evolved races adhere to. This code is critical when acting to affect change, especially when exposing something or someone for wrongdoing.

  1. Be respectful – refrain from name calling and belittling the other side. It only leads to more resistance. The only times that DDB (Dogs Deserve Better) ran into problems with their supporters is when they resorted to name calling. Though I know it is hard to keep emotions at bay, it is critical when using social media. This is especially true when trying to affect change within the government.
  2. Be truthful – share only the honest details. Any attempts to spin or twist the truth only diminishes our credibility.
  3. Stick to the facts – When we make assumptions or resort to exaggeration it can seriously damage our credibility, not to mention, turn off those who would support us.

In closing, I am thrilled at how we are learning to harness the full power of the Internet, our first 5D system. I am thrilled that we are waking up to just how much power it gives us when we work together.

Today those 100+ dogs can look forward to a wonderful life and future. Tomorrow it will be all of us.