9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2010

Snow falls heavily covering the 10 or so inches already on the ground. Makes me wonder if it’s one of the signs of the times: our ability to more quickly manifest our thoughts and desires? Did our desire for a white Christmas or to prolong the winter school break manifest more abundantly than we really intended? Does it mean we must become more conscious of our thoughts and think through what we desire? These are my thoughts as I sit to write the 9D Nibiruans’ yearly perspective.

From Devin, spokesperson for the 9D Nibiruan Council


For those who have followed our yearly perspectives, you know that we prefer to offer possibilities and probabilities rather than predictions. For the newcomers, a possibility has a less than 90% chance of occurring and a probability is 90% or greater. We obtain our information by “projecting along the timelines.” In other words, we look into the future of Earth’s timeline and following the energy, we see what events have the most energy around them. The degree determines which events are possible and which are probable. Seeing the events is rather simple because they are the events that have occurred before on other worlds whose timelines are now tied into yours. In essence, you are replaying those events now in order to work them out to a more positive and compassionate end. Doing so is how souls obtain spiritual growth … the ultimate reason you are on Earth. Now, let’s look into the future of your year 2010 …

Massive waves crashing ashore, howling winds, never ending war fought against phantom enemies, or peaceful walks on warm sandy beaches with gentle breezes … which do you prefer to experience? We do not speak in riddles—only what we see as we look ahead. All of these things are shown on the timeline and the good news is that you can choose. How?

Separating Dimensions

Many years ago we prompted Jelaila to write, Choosing your Dimension. In that article she explained how the dimensions of consciousness were going to separate and you choose your level based on your beliefs. The more integrated your beliefs, the higher the level. At the time that article was written, humanity was making a choice between 2 levels, 3D and 4D, but now you are choosing between four with the addition of 5D and 9D. The higher you go the better the view. Let’s look at what each dimension now.


Earth changes, never ending war, famine, disease, poverty and a steady move towards globalization and the resulting loss of personal rights and freedom.


The heartfelt intentions of 23 years have manifest in a new reality. Spirituality, personal growth and a desire for unity and oneness have become mainstream, discussed on prime time talk shows and in mainstream media. At the same time, the other side of those intentions have manifested as well and will continue to do so in 2010. We will discuss that momentarily.


Your history is being replayed before your very eyes on the big screen as one movie after another detail the events of your galactic past. Movies about multiple timelines, space travel and artificial intelligence that threaten humanity, just to name a few, are born of the imaginations of the writers. Do they know that they are simply pulling memories from past timelines, all the while thinking they are make believe? There is nothing new in the universe. We, along with many others have consistently stated that we show you the future and prepare you to alter it by way of your entertainment industry. More of your past will be shown to you in 2010 so take the message in each move or TV series of this nature to heart; it will include a choice you will need to make in order to alter a future event.


A level that is gaining momentum and beginning to show signs of its existence. Through new discoveries in the field of quantum physics you have now proven to yourselves just exactly how you create your own reality. Now you know for a fact that you and only you can control your reality and thus change it. This knowledge frees you from the need for gurus and saviors, making you your own savior.

People at this level smile more, laugh more, have a flow to their lives and feel excitement about the future. They understand that the dark is just as important as the light and seek integration in all areas. They are aware that the challenges of today are only temporary and necessary in order for transformation to occur. They understand that the only way they will experience negative events is if they have fears that need to be integrated by way of that event. They are the ones who experience the peaceful walks on warm sandy beaches and they will take more of those walks in 2010.

Manifesting the Dark Side of the Light

In 2008, the systems began falling and a way of life came to an end In 2009 the systems continued to dissolve and you adjusted to a new reality . Some of the changes were good but others were more ominous and it is those changes that we wish to address now.

In 1987, you achieved Harmonic Convergence. That was the moment that a new dimension of consciousness (4D) was born on your world. You intended that unity and oneness prevail and the push towards that goal began in earnest. As mentioned earlier, you are seeing your wish come true. Twenty three years later you find yourselves on the brink of globalization without any room for personal rights and freedom.

Globalization in this manner is unity and oneness to the exclusion of individuality and diversity. With each new law that passes, you give up more rights and more freedom. If this push continues you will find yourselves where you did before, yes this has occurred before in your galactic past. What you experienced before was that you lost all of your personal rights and freedoms because unity and oneness does not allow individuality or the right to oppose the status quo. Those worlds were destroyed because the imbalance created a rift that could not heal. We are not saying that a one world united government is wrong; it can be a wonderful thing as long as personal rights and freedoms are included. There must be a balanced existence of dark and light for peace to prevail.

Just as before, you will have a one world government complete with one monetary system, one religion, one police force and one healthcare system. You will be controlled through a frequency fence that monitors your every thought and “massages” your emotions to ensure that you do not step out of line. We do not mean to frighten you but we do wish to awaken you to the future you are so passionately and unconsciously creating with the continued desire to eliminate the dark polarity in all its forms. The dark polarity includes among other things, the right of individuality, to have a different viewpoint, the ability to discern, to protect and to manifest. It is not too late to make a change. The solution is integration rather than polarization.

This year will be pivotal in how events go in 2012 because this is the year that you decide what kind of systems you will create out of the ashes of the old. Those systems will either allow you to reclaim your lost personal rights and freedoms or completely eliminate any that currently remain. It is our hope that you use the dark polarity to instill measures within a one world reality. Doing so will ensure that 21st December 2012 be just another day, and that you and your children take many peaceful walks on warm sandy beaches safe in the knowledge that your generations will endure.

In service,
Devin through Jelaila Starr