9D Nibiruan Council Perspective for 2016

I sit looking out the window at my favorite coffee shop as I write this week’s message. Listening to the sounds of happy people I’m once again reminded of the joy that wells within when I think of the year ahead. I suppose that’s the word for 2016—joy. Joy at the prospect of finally seeing all our struggles over the last several years finally bear fruit.

When I tune in to the Nibiruans I feel that same sense of joy, of excitement coming from them. Yes, plans have changed; they were supposed to have moved on a year ago, but they are comfortable with the delay. Like they have said to me many times, the one thing they are completely certain of is that plans will change. The reason being that we, on Earth, can change a timeline by our choices. Seems we have been making some good ones lately because we are moving in a positive direction with good momentum.

So what’s next? What will we see this year? From what I gather, we will spend this year building a foundation, a new foundation to support all the new systems that are and will come on line this year and the next. The way it was expressed to me is that the last three years, from 2012 to now we’re spent dismantling the old ways, both on a collective and individual level. In other words, the last 3 years have kicked our behinds, “encouraging” us to let go of that which no longer serves us. It’s like we have been dismantling ourselves in preparation for the new.

Going back a bit further, the years leading up to 2012 were about purging as much as we could so that our first few years on this side of the new timeline weren’t so tough. Imagine what we would have endured had we not done the clearing we did up to the end of 2012?

So now we have cleared the decks, cleared the ground, so to speak and we are ready to build that new foundation. From what I sense, we will have a good amount of support. Don’t be surprised at how many times money, people and opportunities will show up in your life to assist you just at the time they are most needed. There’s no magic in it; the main reason we will see more support is because we will be drawing it in due to being in a more positive state of mind.

The buzzword for this year, along with joy, is gratitude. Now that we have cleared so much, our Hearts are more open and able to find reasons to be in gratitude. So the magic, if you will, comes from our feeding a feedback loop of gratitude. The more we feel it, and emote it into the “field” the more we draw it in from the “field.” Hope that makes sense.

So, in a nutshell, this is year of positive movement, of joy and things getting much easier. It’s not a gift from the gods, it is a change we have earned by doing our inner work. I don’t know about you but I am soooo ready for it!