9D Nibiruan Council on Nibiru’s Agenda

It feels my heart with so much joy to reconnect with you. My communication today is from myself and fellow 9D Nibiruans, your ancient, ancient ancestors, as well as the 5D Nibiruans, your parents. For those who are not familiar with either, a brief introduction follows.

Who are the 5D Nibiruans?

The Nibiruans are peoples from the planet Nibiru and the ones who created your physical form more than 262,000 years ago. The planet is quite large with two accompanying moons and a host of inhabited asteroids. Seen from outer space it appears as a comet with a long tail filled with debris. That debris is actually two moons and a host of asteroids, motherships and spacecraft owned and inhabited by your galactic family. The Nibiruans are comprised of many species and races. There are several dimensions of consciousness among the Nibiruans. One could say the average level of consciousness within the general society is 5D with their spiritual community being 6D. This due to the fact that the planet acts as a base of operation for the many worlds involved in the Grand Experiment on Earth. Though Nibiruans are diverse in race, culture and consciousness, they are united in their understanding of Earth and her role in the universe.

Who are the 9D Nibiruans?

We —I include myself in this group—are 9th dimensional time travelers and time healers from the ancient worlds of Lyra, Alpha Draconi, and Orion. We are grid workers and template makers who travel the timelines interjecting ourselves at various points in order to help alter future events always with the intent of keeping an ascension process on track. Having done so, we are genetically related to the peoples of many worlds beyond Lyra, Orion and Alpha Draconi. These include, but are not limited to, the worlds of Sirius A, B, and C, Arcturus, Andromeda, and the Pleiades.

We call ourselves Nibiruans for several reasons. First, they are our descendents. Second, our current project involves the ascension of their child race. Third and most importantly, this ascension could bring about the end of our universal game of soul evolution. The Nibiruans, being multi-racial created you with all the DNA codes of all species involved in the Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration, the Universal game of soul evolution (Grand Experiment). This means that along with becoming a new member of the galactic community, you also shoulder the responsibility of showing others how to achieve integration. As such, your graduation requires that you attain a level of consciousness beyond that of previous ascending worlds. With such an important and divine destiny, the highest and most experienced guidance is required. Since Nibiru is the location of your parent race and the home base for the Grand Experiment, we use their name in our title when communicating with you.

As stated previously, Nibiru’s society could be considered 5th dimensional with a 6th dimensional spiritual community. Nibiru’s activities as a field office for the Galactic Federation of Worlds brought them to the awareness of their spiritual responsibilities as your parent race and as a command post for your Grand Experiment. Nibiru’s spiritual community comprises individuals from every walk of life including those in industry, science, politics, military and its royal ruling family. We in the 9th dimension communicate with members of Nibiru’s spiritual community and leadership.

What is our agenda?

Speaking for all Nibiruans, ancient and otherwise, our agenda has and will continue to be that of guiding you through your ascension and graduation into the galactic community. To understand current and future plans we must first review past efforts.

Gridwork, Templates and Tools

We began our final phase of assistance in 1996 with the launch of Project Earth Shift. Through this project we assisted you in establishing a 5th dimensional grid and later a 9th dimensional grid in 2001. Our efforts consisted of laying the ground work so that when the moment came, you could make a new choice that resulted in the creation of a new grid of consciousness. Our groundwork was mainly gridwork, laying energetic grid lines via those Nibiruans who had incarnated, or walked-in, on Earth. Also included was template work wherein we assisted our people in making new choices in response to ancient issues all of which would impact future events all the way to the end of 2012. There is much more to this than we can address in this message.

In addition to grid and template work, we provided the tools that would enable you to recompile all 12 DNA strands and restore your former abilities.

Our current plan is simple. We will continue to maintain the 5D and 9D grids while fine-tuning their templates in order to ensure the best possible outcomes to events they are meant to influence. These include but are not limited to the minimization of earth changes, the demise of old global political, financial and industrial systems and the establishment of new ones. This will require a new round of template-making workshops to be held in specific locations. We will be contacting our Nibiruan relatives on Earth to assist in this work. Chances are if you are reading this article, you are Nibiruan, or connected to someone who is.

In addition we are stepping up our efforts to get out the message of compassion as it is the key to creating the world we all want to see by 2012. To this end we will continue to influence the dreams of writers and musicians leading to a collaborative creation of new movies and music about Nibiru and 12 Strand DNA. Our people on Earth will begin traveling again, sharing the message of Nibiru and the return of mankind’s parent race. We realize that those who wish to keep you disempowered will also step up their efforts to discredit us. We cannot and will not stop them as it is all part of the ascension process. You must learn to use your discernment and decide whose message you will heed.

In closing, the days are growing shorter till Nibiru reappears in your sky. Take this time to complete your emotional clearing. With our reappearance, and Earth’s journey across the galactic equator, a new era begins. We the Nibiruans, your parents and ancient ancestors, look forward to welcoming you home and into the galactic community. Remember, you are the hope of the universe and the answer to our prayers.

In service,

Devin, head of the 9D Nibiruan Council, thru Jelaila Starr

Written May 23, 2009