9D Council Perspective on Planet 9

Nibiru is back in the news along with all the dire predictions of cataclysmic earth changes. I kind of expect that around solstice time as that is when we can sometimes of catch a glimpse if we are on the same side of the sun. But this time we are past the solstice so what gives? Seems we have discovered another inbound planet. It is being called, Planet 9. Good name … as I’ll explain in a minute.

So is this planet the Nibiru that many are looking for? Though the Nibiruans tell me it is not it is connected to Nibiru. I’ll explain.

As the Nibiruans have stated numerous times, Nibiru is more than one planet; it is a solar system. Furthermore this solar system (including their home world Nibiru) orbits a star that never fully ignited. Those are called brown dwarfs. In regards to Planet 9, it is one of their solar system’s larger planets. So it is not Nibiru, the Nibiruan home planet, nor their star, but a member of the Nibiru solar system.

The reason we have “discovered” this planet is because, just like Sedna, it is on the side of the sun where we can see it as it passes by.

Our Sun’s Twin

As Jaysen Q. Rand, Ph.D., explained in his book, The Return of Planet X, the Nibiru solar system‘s star is our sun’s twin because like many solar systems, our is binary. The Ancients knew this and left writings to that effect all around the world. However, this knowledge was kept from the masses along with the knowledge of our stellar origins.

Will Planet 9 Bring Cataclysmic Earth Changes?

It is my understanding that Planet 9 will not bring cataclysmic earth changes. With that said it will create some upheaval (we are already seeing this) mainly in the form of volcanic eruptions. The reason is that Planet 9’s ring node has locked on to our magnetic core because we are close enough in our orbit for the two ring nodes to intersect. When that occurs, there is a tug of war which results in tectonic movement and volcanic eruptions. But again, I am told it will be minor in comparison … and we have the power to minimize it via the mass consciousness. That brings me to my next point.

Is there a Higher Purpose in Planet 9’s Arrival?

This is the reason that the Nibiruans asked me to write this message. They want us to know that Planet 9 has a higher purpose. That purpose is to be a catalyst for change. As I referenced earlier, there is no coincidence that this planet was given the number 9 as part of its name. The number 9 symbolizes endings and new beginnings.

Planet 9 being several times the size of Earth has a strong enough magnetic field to shake our magnetic grid. As I’ve written many times before, when you shake a planet’s magnetic grid it emotionally shakes up the people. It does this because it erratically disconnects us from the mass consciousness grid—and our memory! This is one of the reasons we are having such a hard time with short term memory. This erratic disconnecting and reconnecting creates a host of problems including insomnia, irritability, and anxiety. What happens when people don’t sleep? They can’t handle stress. This in turn leads to being unable to quell suppressed negative emotions which then surface … for clearing! So Planet 9’s higher purpose is to act as a catalyst for our collective emotional clearing.

People Transitioning

Being part of the Nibiru solar system, Planet 9’s frequency is higher than our own. So on top of her ring node tugging our planet’s core creating earth changes, her energy is bathing us in higher frequency waves, and thus, drawing out our deep seated negative feelings. But that is not all. It is my understanding that Planet 9’s energy has created a vibration that allows for easier transition. I was told long ago that when this time came, people would leave the planet in droves. I believe we are seeing this now. I was told that many did not come here to move to 5D and beyond, but to experience the times that led to it. At that point they would transition to their next place to continue their evolution. So in essence, Planet 9‘s energy is providing a way home for many whose time it is to leave this planet. And again, the passing of our loved ones offers an opportunity for more clearing, aiding us in raising our frequency as we let go of past hurts.

In closing, Planet 9 is an agent of change, assisting us to move to the next step as we create the world we desire, the one we will be proud to leave to future generations.

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