Redemption Template Revisited

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If you’ve been following the alternative news, you are aware that with the exposure of massive election fraud, the tide in this battle for the mind of humanity is turning!  People are waking up as never before.  Yay!  But with the awakening comes the need to do what we can to help ensure that the repercussions do not lead to an overt civil war.  For that reason it seems a good idea to revisit the Redemption template with the intent to add another layer of energy to it.

The Redemption template provides a way for the Cabal to find their way back towards the light.  This does not mean that they do not have to endure the consequences of their actions, it means that once they do, they can find their way to the middle, the neutral point of compassion without fear of retribution from those playing on the light side.  After all, we all have light and dark within us.

Many of those souls playing on the dark side in this Grand Experiment, have been there for so many lifetimes that they no longer recognize the light.  In a universal game of soul evolution it is necessary to ensure that all souls have a pathway to find the compassion point regardless of the side to which they may have polarized.  How would it be fair if they didn’t?

So, we will be revisiting that template on tomorrow night’s call. In light of all that has occurred this week, it should be a very interesting call.


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