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Once again the Guides have been hard a work in the early morning, this time with a message about using the emotions stirred by current events as a catalyst for ascension (in other words, emotional clearing).  From their perspective, this is the most valuable gift these times can give us (more pain = more fuel and this greater gain).  I know, I know it seems almost masochistic from a 3D perspective, but as we who have been on the ascension path know, pain is the catalyst for change and peace is the sign that nothing needs to change.  So, here we are…

I think there is one more reason I am getting this little reminder and that is this, as we use up this abundant fear-based fuel accumulating in the mass consciousness grid, turning it into compassion, we not only help ourselves, we help our planet and humanity to gain the greatest jumps possible in this massive ascension event known as a Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration. (Dang, that was a long sentence!) LOL

Soooo…. in accordance with this “reminder” our Monday call will be about how to use the abundant fuel we have at our disposal to achieve quantum leaps in ascension.  Heck, I may even hold an Emotional Clearing workshop–in person here in my home! Haven’t done that in years, but it is more and more feeling like it is time to return to reconnecting and working together in this manner.   If I decide to do this, I’ll post a separate message with details.  In the meantime, lets do what we can on tomorrow night’s call.

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