2021 New Assignment

Hi All,

In preparation for tomorrow night’s call, I   wanted to share the following information.  The first link is to a recording of an interview between A.R. Bordin and Michael Lee Hill.  Both men have had direct contact with the current 5D Nibiruans.  Their information about the Nibiruans coincides with my experiences and provides another independent validation as to the Nibiruans’ position regarding Earth, mankind and our future.  This leads into the very exciting assignment for the coming year.

Please take time before tomorrow night to listen to this most fascinating call.  It will give you a glimpse into the minds and hearts of the Nibiruans.  I’ve added timestamps for specific info I felt most relevant ,but the entire call is worth a listen.

A.R. Bordin/Michael Hill interview

23:00 – integrating fears…everything is energy, no polarity

30:00 Sha a mein or Sam – name the Annunaki call themselves.

40:00 Agreements and how they are used by galactic races

49:30 The Sam are clairesentient i.e., galactic human status

52:00 Sam use signs and thought downloads to communicate with us

1.07 – higher purpose of viruses

1:13 – Nibiru has a kingdom and a king

1:15 – Messengers from Enki came to Earth in the 1950s to negotiate with the Eisenhower administration

1:17 – Nibiru’s sense of duty to us and Earth

1;24 – Nibiru has a dyson type shell around it.  Nibiru’s return/transit and how it was altered (we are on a new timeline)

1:29 – Templates

1:46 – Orbs and their purpose

Info on the Dyson Cube – a possible explanation of the gold grid around Nibiru. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere

Replay link:  https://fccdl.in/xHWMkb6yqP

Original audio file of the Bordin/Hill interview: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AFPhS1uxEGVWKbw&cid=8E4385429996352C&id=8E4385429996352C%2122515&parId=8E4385429996352C%2122491&o=OneUp

Call Notes: Below are links regarding the massive cyber attack that was the real solar EMP that so many were saying would occur on 12/21. Notice that it was an attack on the US via a computer monitoring company called SolarWinds and their Orion software.