2010 Assignment: Wayshower Preparation

Is it me or does it seem that each day, the news describes another shattering event? I notice that even my neighbors are being affected — that’s new. If it’s tough now, how will humanity fare in the coming 2 years? Seems that more than ever we need to hear a calm voice of reason. Fortunately that will occur of the many thousands of way showers step up and begin their work. That work, of course, is being a calm voice of reason as humanity begins to come unglued as a result of the unprecedented social, geological and political changes tha will occur as we literally transform our world.

This week’s message is about the 2010 assignment. As the Nibiruans and many others off world groups are saying, these are the times you and I were sent here for. They are what all of our training, hard work, and suffering were for.

The lightworkers, starseeds and walk-ins who have the way shower assignment come from all walks of life. Many are from one of the 3 Waves of Ascension. I am informed that the bulk of way showers are from the 3rd Wave which is the largest group and the one most connected to 3D. They are the ones who are still integrated into the business world, most adept at computers and entrenched in mainstream society. Most of the remaining way-showers are from the 2 previous Waves. Many are seasoned grid workers and some are ascension teachers.

Regardless of which group you are in, if this is one of your assignments, now is your time. I have created a 1-day Intensive workshop, 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You!, that I will travel and facilitate around the US this year. This workshop will provide you with the information you will need to understand the process Earth and humanity will go through as we complete our ascension. The goal is to prepare you to be a calm voice of reason. That is something that you will be very capable of because you will understand the “bigger picture.”

It’s my understanding that the locations will have a lot to do with the anchor and grid points on that will help stabilize the planet through coming earth changes as well as other needs (after many years of assignments I’ve come to learn that multitasking is common). I have 3 locations ready to go but I feel there are others as outlined in today’s video.

For those asking why I would be qualified for this role; I was trained as a galactic historian by an off world group that is very adept at taking planets and their civilizations through the ascension process. In fact, both of my books relate the experience of 4 worlds and what occurred with each.

So, let’s take the next step — onwards and upwards!