Emotional Clearing Retreat (2 Days)

Have your own private workshop and healing retreat! Jelaila will work with you one-on-one to clear the emotional blocks that stand in your way.

Emotional Clearing Retreat (2 Days) with Jelaila Starr

Workshops are great but there’s nothing like having personal, one-on-one assistance.

Join Jelaila to experience first hand the healing power of the multidimensional, compassion-based techniques and concepts provided by the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing, and the 7 Keys of Compassion.

What you will learn during your retreat:

  • How to navigate the stages of emotional clearing
  • How to effectively use the 7 Keys of Compassion, incorporating them into your daily life so that you can quickly clear conflicts and keep your relationships emotionally clean and peaceful.
  • How DNA Recoding restores your psychic abilities and develops multidimensionality

What you will gain :

  • Hands on experience in clearing health, relationship, spiritual or money blocks
  • The comfort of being able to release years of pain in a safe, loving environment.

Your life will change after this retreat!

Releasing the Past

Experience the excitement of seeing the years disappear from your face as you release the past.

Your retreat includes 48-hour private Emotional Clearing Workshop. Lodging is available nearby or at my home. If you wish to stay with me (how grand would that be?!) please see the Accommodations page. Please also read the Workshop Agreements before registering for this retreat (the Retreat agreements are essentially the same).

Privacy Policy

Any information discussed during Jelaila’s Sessions will be kept private and confidential unless the information requires me to contact medical professionals for advice.


Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, there is a 14-day cancellation period.