Greetings and welcome to Jelaila’s Messages!

Jeliala StarrSince 1996, the work of sharing the wisdom of unconditional compassion has been a primary focus for the Nibiruans.  They are well aware that it is through education that great changes can occur. But just as important as the higher dimensional wisdom is, being able to apply it in everyday life is what matters most.

Though l cover topics such as current events, to earth changes, Nibiru and universal history, the most valuable messages are the ones written from the heart.

How do we:

  • handle family members who don’t understand us?
  • talk with our kids — or not?
  • handle money and charging for our spiritual work?
  • show compassion in the face of extreme cruelty?
  • recognize the signs given to us by our guides?
  • fulfill mission assignments without losing our minds?!

Yes, its the messages about love, life, parenting, facing fears, manifesting money, running a business, all the while fulfilling a mission that seem to be needed the most.

I must be honest and say that there are times when writing about current events or personal situations is scary. Like my fellow teachers, I have no desire to see the black SUVs showing up in my driveway, or receive an inbox full of hate mail. Yet when I push past the fear and do it anyway, the rewards are great. There’s nothing more heartwarming than reading that a message provided the key to resolving an issue or made someone else feel a little less alone. (The further out of the box we go, the more alone we feel.)

Jelaila’s Messages are my way of making sure that you know that you are not crazy, that you can learn to navigate the ups and downs of life in 3D, all the while developing a multidimensional mind required for ascension.  You’ll discover as I have that we all seem to be experience many of the same issues, and that if we stick together we will get through this crazy ride and find our way home.

I am so honored to be with you on this amazing journey,

Jelaila Starr