Diffusing Emotional Bombs With Compassion

Hi All,

It was said that at the end of a Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration that people would polarize to the extremes.  I don’t have to tell you that this is happening, do I?  Just look around you, what do you see?

If it is occurring in your own life, if someone you care about is becoming angrier and angrier at you because you choose to have a different view, even to the point of burning the bridge of love and friendship between you.  It’s stressful and heartbreaking isn’t it?

I received a message this morning that chaos and tension will increase as information regarding the illegal activities in Washington and beyond.  (Again, this is a replay and therefore, in order to get it right this time, it must play out.)  This upcoming information will whip up such intense emotions that we may well see otherwise kind, calm and thoughtful people become just the opposite, and what we will be dealing with is literal emotional bombs.  These bombs could be become so extreme that whole families could blown apart by them, business partnerships destroyed, and friendships blown asunder.  Reminds me of what I read about the emotional devastation of the Civil War.

So what do we do to diffuse the tensions should they escalate to the level of an emotional bomb?  How do we respond to people who may be reaching that tipping point?  Though compassion is the tool, how we weld that tool is what we must figure out.  I don’t have all the answers but if we put our heads together, I feel confident that we will come up with answers.

talk with you tonight,


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